Cat® DIY Equipment Repair

At Thompson Machinery, we are your go-to Cat dealership, offering flexible solutions for any repair. Whether it’s your cooling system, starter, alternator or hydraulic cylinder, our trained technicians can service your equipment to keep you running with minimal downtime.

Although we provide clients with exceptional support with our Cat repair options performed by our experts, we understand it often makes sense for you to conduct your own equipment repair and maintenance.

If you are considering doing a DIY project in your shop, out in the field or on the worksite, we provide everything you need to get the job done yourself. Our Cat equipment repair-package solutions make for simple repairs and easy maintenance.

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Self-Service and Repair Options

SElf Service optionsYou choose which repair package solution best fits the model of your machine and your work requirements. With the freedom to repair on your own time, you can also determine whether you want your options delivered or if you want to pick them up.

If you have enough time without diminishing the production of your company, you can pick up your Cat self-serviced options. You can also drive to the nearest Thompson drop box location for simple pickup. However, if time is of the essence, we can accommodate your needs by delivering your repair solutions.

A DIY equipment repair is an excellent option for you to handle your own maintenance while Thompson Machinery provides you timely part kits and instructional assistance. When you can’t service your repairs, relying on the professionals can often result in faster results and less risk to you and your maintenance team.

Our construction equipment service covers equipment repair options for backhoe loaders, compact track loaders, excavators and wheel loaders. Model-specific repair resources are as follows:

Backhoe Loader

416 D/E/F420 D/E/F428E/F446 B/D450 E/F
Fuel System Tune-Up Kit Fuel System Tune-Up KitFuel System Tune-Up KitFuel System Tune-Up KitFuel System Tune-Up Kit
Engine Rebearing & Reseal Engine Rebearing & Reseal Engine Rebearing & Reseal
Transmission Rebearing & Reseal Transmission Rebearing & Reseal Transmission Rebearing & Reseal
Cooling System Tune Up Cooling System Tune Up Cooling System Tune Up

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Construction Equipment Service From Thompson Machinery

Whether you choose DIY repairs or have our professionals take over, you can contact Thompson or Roy, our Caterpillar® technicians who has decades of experience, for more information and assistance.  Roy and his team are ready to serve your needs Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.

We also offer live chat where you can connect with our members after hours. Are you interested in receiving repair package solutions with genuine Cat parts? Request a quote or contact our representatives today.

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