Compressor Rental

A reliable air compressor is an important piece of equipment for every job site. You can use it to run all of our air-powered equipment, and it’s practical for areas where you don’t have easy electrical access. Designed for easy transport and positioning, thanks to large wheels and long tongues, you can take our rugged rental compressors everywhere you need them to ensure a reliable supply of compressed air at all times.

At Thompson Machinery, we’ve spent years putting together our fleet of useful and rugged rental equipment for our customers all across Tennessee and Mississippi. We’re able to propose a wide range of air compressors suitable for any job, available in a variety of sizes and outputs.

While a heavy-duty compressor is often part of any construction fleet of equipment, there are many cases where having the option to rent is useful:

  • When you need an additional unit for a new job site, or extra capacity for more air-powered equipment
  • When you don’t have the time or resources to perform maintenance on your own machines
  • When you have an emergency and need quick access to a powerful air compressor
  • When you’re considering the purchase of a new compressor and want to try and compare different models
  • When your budget is tight and you don’t have the investment capital available to buy a compressor
  • When you have a temporary increase in workload or a new job that requires a specific compressor type

It doesn’t matter what your reasons might be — when you need a rental air compressor, you can turn to Thompson Machinery with confidence. We take care to service and maintain our air compressors so that you don’t have to worry about it. From the moment you pick it up, our equipment is ready to work hard.

To ensure you have the performance and reliability you need, we carry quality compressors from trusted brands like Sullair and Atlas Copco. These trusty stalwarts are used all over the world to supply compressed air for all kinds of jobs and in all kinds of conditions. It takes a powerful diesel engine and rugged construction to meet the needs of construction sites like yours, which is why we only carry industry-leading air compressors that are up to the task.

For years, we’ve been supplying customers in Tennessee and Mississippi with the rental equipment they need at competitive prices. Thanks to our large inventory of air compressors, we can supply short-term, long-term and emergency rentals from each of our 11 convenient locations. All you have to do is give us a call or fill out our handy online contact form and let us know about your air equipment rental needs. We’ve got air compressors ready to go as soon as you need them, and we’ll work to meet your timing and performance requirements.

Don’t tie up your investment capital in an air compressor if a rental unit from Thompson Machinery can meet your needs and provide you with greater flexibility and value. Use our experience and understanding of air compressors to give your business the advantage it needs.

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