Concrete Masonry Equipment Rental

Due to the varied size of concrete masonry projects, having all the right equipment can be costly. Unless you’re doing daily concrete work, investing in a full fleet of compactors and rollers can tie up too much of your investment capital. Even those companies that do frequent concrete masonry work can find that they need a specific type of equipment from time to time. Or, you might find you’re missing a unique tool that you need on occasion, like a concrete saw or specific size of plate compactor.

Because of this need for flexibility and value, here at Thompson Machinery, we’ve put together a fleet of concrete masonry tools and equipment for temporary rental. We want our customers across Tennessee and Mississippi to have the best choice in rental equipment to efficiently attack their concrete masonry jobs. We have 11 convenient locations to better serve you.

It doesn’t matter if you need a quick rental for a few days to finish off a job, or if you’re planning a large project and need a longer-term rental of a piece of equipment. We can meet all your needs with a variety of useful concrete masonry tools.   When you choose to rent instead of buy, you take advantage of several great benefits:

  • You save money. Instead of putting your investment cash into concrete masonry equipment that you don’t need on a regular basis, you can simply rent the rollers, compactors and saws you need for the time you need them, and return them when you’re done. Your money isn’t tied up in equipment that’s parked.
  • You save time. Heavy-duty concrete masonry equipment requires regular service and maintenance due to the intense use and vibrations involved with compacting and cutting. Thompson Machinery takes care of the maintenance of all of our rental equipment so you don’t have to.
  • You have choice. Are you doing concrete work on a narrow walkway and don’t have a small compactor to do the job? Are you doing a large surface and your existing equipment doesn’t offer enough performance to do the job quickly and effectively? Rent the equipment best suited to the job.
  • You can test equipment out. Even if you can justify the purchase of a piece of concrete masonry equipment, it makes sense to try a few out before you follow through. Compare a roller versus plate compactor with a temporary rental, and then make your decision based on the results.

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If you have an upcoming concrete masonry project and are missing some key pieces of equipment, take a look at what we have available here at Thompson Machinery. All of our equipment is available for short-term or long-term temporary rental. We’ll also provide a free quotation: simply fill in our online contact form for or give us a call.

Enjoy the advantages of high-quality, high-performance roller and plate compactors and concrete saw rentals and find out why our rental business is one of the most successful in Tennessee and Mississippi.

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ModelMakeCutting DepthWeight (Ibs)Fuel
K760Husqvarna4-5 in22Gasoline
SP118Multiquip6.5 in270Gasoline
SP2S20H20Multiquip7.5 in395Gasoline



ModelMakeBlows per MinCFMWeight (Lbs)
MPB-30A 1″Sullair18503735.5
MPB-60AF 1 1/8″Sullair13604869.5
MPB-90A 1 1/4″Sullair13806292



WBH-16FMultiquip16 Cu. Ft.Gasoline
WBH-21EFMultiquip21 Cu. Ft.Gasoline