General Construction Tool Rental

It may seem convenient to have an entire fleet and inventory of general construction tools so you’re ready to go at all times, no matter what type of construction job you’re called on to do. Many of our customers, however, find that purchasing, storing and maintaining a wide variety of equipment is costly and time-consuming. This is especially the case if you’re not using your equipment daily, and instead only need it on a temporary basis.

That’s where temporary equipment and tool rental from Thompson Machinery comes in. We’ve been offering customers across Tennessee and Mississippi the flexibility to pick and choose the mix of tools they need, when they need them. That means you have less money tied up in purchased equipment that spends a portion of its time sitting unused, and more money available to invest in the machines you’ll actually use every day.

Not Just the Purchase Cost

While the cost is a major factor when considering a purchase of general construction equipment, there are other factors that make opting for temporary rental an appealing solution:

  • It can be hard to predict which purchased equipment will get the most use. You may purchase an item like a trencher today and find out it’s not the right size or performance for a future job. When you rent, you can choose the right-sized equipment every time, or multiple sizes if required for a specific job.
  • Is there equipment that you need once in a blue moon, or when your equipment has broken down? A good example is a welder. Our Big Blue and BobCat welders are available for temporary rental for when you need them, but won’t take up space in your shop or warehouse when they’re not in use.
  • Owning equipment means time and money spent on service and maintenance. If your service crews are already busy with the rest of your fleet, you may not want to pile on more equipment — especially if isn’t used on a daily basis. We take care of the maintenance of all of our general construction rental tools.
  • Before you make up your mind to buy new general construction tools, it can be helpful to try it out first. Renting a tool or piece of equipment like a pressure washer for a few days lets you assess the performance and features and decide if it’s the right model for you, or if you want something entirely different.

Thompson Machinery Is Your Construction Tool Authority

The next time you have a construction project and need a variety of general tools, such as hammers — air-powered or electric — turn to our team here at Thompson Machinery. Simply give us a call or fill in our convenient online contact form. We’ll provide you with a quotation for the temporary tool rental you need to get the job done.

We look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied customers across Tennessee and Mississippi and giving you the value and flexibility your business deserves. Whether it’s to temporarily replace a broken tool, benefit from a short-term rental for a quick job or to take advantage of affordable long-term rentals for a large project, Thompson Machinery has your general construction tool and equipment rental solution.

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