Equipment Management

Increasing Uptime; Reducing Operating Costs


Century Construction & Realty, Inc. is based in Tupelo, Mississippi. Check out how telematics has improved their business. EMSolutions at Thompson Machinery is proud to be their business partner!


Equipment Management Solutions is a collection of products and services designed to help you manage your fleet to optimum efficiency. Because no two fleets are the same, Thompson offers several levels of support, or “packages”.  Choosing the package that best fits your business will help you to reduce equipment owning and operating costs and instill you with the confidence you need to make important decisions about your machine service work. Whether you prefer to perform your own machine maintenance or let us care for your fleet, we will provide the support you need to help you reach your highest level of success.


Know the location of your equipment and what it’s doing with remote access to electronic data.


See immediate results via automated reporting and manage your equipment health and utilization.


Let Thompson Machinery give you expert recommendations to make informed decisions about equipment maintenance, utilization and repair.


Ensure your maintenance is performed correctly and on time. Lower your operating costs while increasing machine availability.


Get the expertise and resources of a global leader.

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