24-220 kVA SA Lvl 2 Enclosure

Weights and Dimensions

980 - 11130 mm
2120 - 3520 mm
1519 - 1809 mm
991 - 2238 kg

Durable and Robust Construction

  • Galvanised steel protected by powder coat paint
  • Black finish stainless steel locks and hinges
  • Zinc plated / stainless steel fasteners

Excellent Service and Maintenance Access

  • Side hinged doors on both sides of the enclosure opening to 180°
  • Side hinged doors lift off at 90°
  • Removable front and rear access panels
  • Lube oil and coolant drain valves

Security and Safety

  • Control panel viewing via large viewing window in lockable enclosure door
  • Emergency stop push button mounted on enclosure exterior below control panel
  • Cooling fan and battery charging alternator fully guarded
  • Fuel fill and battery can only be reached via lockable access doors
  • Fully enclosed exhaust silencing system for operator safety


  • Lifting points on base frame facilitating handling from both sides