CM46DF (V-Type)

Genset Rating Range
10580 - 14110 kWe
Engine Rating Range
10800 - 14400 kW
Emission Level Up To
World bank emission certification (Stage 2)

Caterpillar electric power stands for reliable energy supply. Especially during the energy system transformation, Cat generator sets close the energy gap caused by renewable energy source such as wind and photo voltaic. Short ramp up time, low operating costs and rapid maintenance times ensures a high availability according to the need of our customers. Combined heat /cool and power solutions allow our customers to maximize the efficiency and earnings paired with low emissions. Wherever power is needed around the globe, Caterpillar is able to support you with the best products and services to maximize your profit.

Generator Set Specifications

Genset Rating Range
10580 - 14110 kWe
Emission Level Up To
World bank emission certification (Stage 2)
3000 to 13800 Volts
Frequency At Speed
50 Hz @ 500 / 60 Hz @ 514
18 in
24 in
Normal Ramp Up To 100% Load
80 s
Emergency Ramp Up 10% To 100% Load
25 s
Genset Efficiency Up To
Ready To Accept Loads (Preheated/Vented)
40 s
Minimum Rating
10580 kWe
Maximum Rating
14110 kWe
Emissions/Fuel Strategy
(WB) Cert stage 1 and 2
Duty Cycle
Prime, Continuous

Engine Specifications

Engine Rating Range
10800 - 14400 kW
Engine Type
12,16 cylinder
Fuel Type
Gas / diesel oil / heavy fuel oil (HFO) / crude oil
Specific Fuel Oil Consumption (WB I) Up To
Specific Fuel Oil Consumption (WB II) Up To
Specific Pilot Fuel Consumption (Only Dual Fuel) Up To
Specific Lube Oil Consumption
Specific Energy Consumption Up To
Mean Effective Pressure Up To
309 psi
Swept Volume
6,186 in³
Engine Model
CM46DF V-Type, 4-stroke-engine
18 in
24 in

Generator Set Dimensions

Length - Minimum
562 in
Length - Maximum
652 in
Width - Minimum
153 in
Width - Maximum
159 in
Height - Minimum
183 in
Height - Maximum
188 in
Dry Weight - Genset (minimum)
500,449 lb
Dry Weight - Genset (maximum)
630,521 lb

Reliable Operation

Control & Monitoring

Ease Of Installation

Ease Of Operation

Intelligent Simplicity

Ease Of Maintenance



Expertise & Experience

  • Fuel System
    • Ignition fuel oil module (only dual fuel (DF))
    • Circulation module
    • Separator module
    • Pre-pressure module
    • Engine ventilation module (only dual fuel (DF) and gas)
    • Gas valve unit (GVU) (only dual fuel (DF) and gas)
  • Lubricating Oil System
    • Piping interface module
    • Lube oil separator module
    • Combined module: cooling water system and lube oil system
  • Cooling Water System
    • Combined module: see lube oil system
    • Piping interface module
    • Cooling water system with radiators
  • Starting System
    • Starting air compressor module
    • Starting air receiver module
  • Combustion Air System
    • Air filter - pulse
    • Air filter - pocket
    • Air filter - oil bath
  • Exhaust System
    • Oxidation catalytic (Oxicat) converter system
    • Exhaust gas ventilation module (only dual fuel (DF) and gas)
    • Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system
    • Exhaust gas silencer
  • Control & Monitoring System
    • Motor control center module (MCC)
    • Local control panel (LCP)
    • Local data panel (LDP) / generator control panel (GCP)
    • Gas leak detection per cylinder (only dual fuel (DF) and gas)
    • Engine monitoring package
  • Mounting System
    • Elastic mounting - genset/engine