Glider Trucks


Glider Kit trucks from Thompson Truck Centers let you get a truck tailored to your needs, but without the hassle of finding all of the parts, getting quotes, and building an engine. With your guidance, we take care of the whole project and assemble a turnkey truck. Glider Kits include 4-year unlimited mileage Extended Service Coverage on engine, clutch, and transmission.

STEP 1 – Choose Your Favorite Chassis Model

A Thompson Truck Center specialist will assist in building specifications for a Western Star or Freightliner Glider Kit. Thompson works with each manufacturer representative to assure the most up to date specifications are available for your application.

STEP 2 – Choose A Powerplant

We’ll build you a CAT engine, in-house, that comes with a 4 year/unlimited mileage OPT warranty on the engine, clutch and transmission (includes towing to the nearest dealer). We have several CAT engines in inventory adaptable to your chassis. Many customers have found newer engines to be costly to maintain. Your long-term maintenance cost will be reduced with a Thompson rebuilt CAT engine.

STEP 3: Choose Your Transmission

Select an 8LL, 10, 13, or 18 Speed Eaton Reman Transmission that is built to your powertrain requirements, and couple it to a custom fabricated, balanced, and smoothed driveshaft to put that CAT horsepower on the road.

STEP 4: Choose Your Accessories

We will assemble the cleanest looking engine bay you’ve ever seen with hose and wire tucking and easy-to-access grease points and filter. All come standard. You can choose to stay true to OEM if you just need your engine to work hard or add stainless steel, polished aluminum or custom painted tubing if you want to show it off. A standard full 5″ turbo back exhaust is included to optimize performance over some OEM’s 4″ exhaust.

STEP 5: Assembly

Thompson Truck Centers, LLC will professionally assemble your CAT powered truck to the highest standards. Take comfort in a Cat dealer who consistently ranks #1 in customer satisfaction by providing skilled technicians, quality craftsmanship, and a great customer experience!

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