Power Systems Service

Power Systems Service & Support

Our service team understands the urgent needs of your power generation systems. We ensure the highest level of training for our technicians that includes annual safety training to meet a federal, state, and local compliance. The Thompson team is geared to make sure your facilities are prepared for electrical disturbances, including planned and unplanned outages.  The following services are provided:

24/7 Emergency Repair Services

Our experts are on standby for 24/7 emergency repair services whenever you need them. We also offer emergency planning and disaster preparedness assistance. Our team helps you develop a plan of action for an unexpected events.

Load Bank Testing

A load bank test puts the generator under varying load conditions to see how the unit reacts to the power draw. The test measures the performance of the unit, revealing problems in the system so they can be corrected. Thompson’s generator technicians can test your power system under simulated operating conditions to ensure it will perform when needed. Our team can provide a load testing schedule that ensures maximum reliability.


ATS / UPS / Switchgear Service

Automatic transfer switches (ATS), uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and switchgear maintenance and service is designed to assist in the reduction of power outages and provide a degree of insurance. Critical electrical equipment, must be maintained on a routine schedule. Providing continuous power and peace of mind that all systems will operate properly is our goal.

Fuel Management and Service

The #1 challenge for diesel generators is maintaining diesel fuel long-term.  Diesel fuel is unstable by nature and constantly degrading from the time it is refined until it is burned. Contamination from transportation and storage from the refinery to the user along with moisture, oxidation, microbial growth and time all enhance the degradation process.

Degradation appears in the form of a black slime, which drops to the bottom of the fuel tank. In time, the slime builds up and is pulled into the fuel filter, resulting in engine response problems.

Thompson offers a maintenance program to address all of your fuel system needs such as:


Battery Inspection and Maintenance

Batteries do not last forever and typically fail from defect or deterioration. Conducting Preventive Maintenance service with a Customer Value Agreement (CVA) is the best way to ensure battery health.  If not, customers run the risk of identifying battery issues during a power failure when critical loads might be compromised. That’s why we recommend the a Customer Value Agreement to all customers, especially those operating in critical power environments.


Generator Rebuild Solutions

We offer complete Cat engine overhaul solutions, including overhaul engine kits, to extend the life of your power equipment. Ensuring genuine Cat parts are used is critical to reducing the risk of failure and ensuring warranty covers any unexpected events. We have the ability to rebuild your power system in the field or in the shop, ensuring the highest level of contamination control along the way. Additionally, new Cat parts are covered by a 12-month Caterpillar Limited Warranty against defects in material and/or workmanship.


Customer Value Agreement (CVA)

A CVA helps you do more and worry less. The Thompson team provides the industry’s best Preventative Maintenance (PM) and Inspections. It simplifies power systems ownership and maintenance, adds the security of expert support, and gives you the peace of mind from effective equipment health management.


Cat Connect – Remote Monitoring

Cat Connect gives you the customized data you need to identify and resolve problems quickly, often before they result in costly repairs and unscheduled downtime. The data is at your fingertips through any cellular or local network connection.

Standard Features:


NFPA 110

Thompson provides the expertise to ensure all NFPA 110 standards for emergency and standby power systems are met. NFPA 110 covers performance requirements for emergency and standby power systems providing an alternate source of electrical power in buildings and facilities in the event that the normal electrical power source fails. Systems include power sources, transfer equipment, controls, supervisory equipment, and accessory equipment needed to supply electrical power to the selected circuits.


Power Systems Service Contacts

Middle Tennessee
Steve Silver, Power Service Manager
615-744-7814 | steve.silvers@tmcat.com

West Tennessee & Northwest Mississippi
Matt Sere, Power Service Manager
901-346-5145 | matt.sere@tmcat.com

Northeast Mississippi
Jeremy Smith, Power Service Manager
662-840-2588 | jeremy.smith@tmcat.com