Prinoth Truck Rentals

Prinoth Truck RentalsMany jobs will take your team away from paved roads and onto rough, uneven terrain. Though your workers might be fully capable of navigating difficult ground, the equipment they’re operating might not be. Normal trucks struggle to gain necessary traction in mud, loose dirt and other challenging off-road environments. As a result, you may need access to specialized vehicles built specifically for off-road worksites. PRINOTH is one respected maker of high-performance tracked equipment.

If you plan to work on rough terrain, you’ll need specialized off-road trucks to get the job done safely and efficiently. Depending on the length of the job and how often your team tackles tasks off-road, however, you may not want to purchase a truck outright. At Thompson Machinery, we offer PRINOTH truck rentals, so you can get the equipment you need at a reasonable price.

Renting equipment comes with a number of advantages. It allows you to pay for equipment only when you need it, keeping costs low for machines you use only occasionally. Renting also minimizes the amount of work your maintenance crew has to handle independently. When you rent a PRINOTH truck from Thompson Machinery, our highly trained staff will make sure it’s ready to use before you take it out and handle any repairs that arise. This means that, if a rented machine breaks down at the job site, we’ll remedy the problem and get you operating again quickly.

Some of our customers also choose to rent equipment before buying. If you’re not sure whether you need a specific vehicle in your fleet, test it out, see how it improves efficiency and make your purchasing decision from there. Whether you decide to purchase or continue renting, Thompson is available to assist you with equipment, parts, service and support.

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A Range of High-Performing PRINOTH Trucks Available to Rent

PRINOTH trucks are known for their high productivity in off-road settings. These crawler carriers, dump vehicles and other machines provide high-speed, high load capacity and low ground pressure for efficient maneuvering. Ideal for moving earth, materials and equipment in locations normal trucks can’t reach, PRINOTH trucks assist workers in the construction, electric utility, mining and oil and gas industries.

Thompson Machinery has a range of PRINOTH machines available to rent, including the following trucks:

Prinoth t8 rentalPANTHER T8

The PRINOTH T8 is a powerful, rubber-tracked crawler carrier capable of delivering payloads up to eight tons. The unique undercarriage adapts to uneven terrain to maintain contact with the ground at all times.

Prinoth t 12 for rentPANTHER T12

Similar to the T8, the T12 is a tracked crawler carrier with an impressive payload capacity of 12 tons. It can carry heavy equipment, materials and supplies while exerting little pressure on the ground, perfect for controlled movement across rough terrain.

prinoth t14 for rentPANTHER T14R

The T14R is a tracked dump vehicle designed for use in off-road construction. It features a 14-ton capacity and a rotating system that allows the operator to move the upper portion 180 degrees for easier maneuvering and more efficient unloading.


To further assist with rough terrain work, we also rent the NorAm 65E, a 120-horsepower compact road grader you can use to transition rough terrain to solid, more navigable ground.

Choose Rental Equipment From Thompson Machinery

Thompson Machinery has been providing high-quality machines and service for more than 70 years, and we’re proud to add PRINOTH trucks to our list of rental equipment. We offer both long-term and short-term rentals, so you can get the PRINOTH equipment you need for as long as you need it.

To see the PRINOTH trucks we have available, visit one of our 11 full-service locations in Tennessee and Mississippi, or fill out a contact form to request a piece of rental equipment today.

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