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Our full service fabrication and welding shops in Memphis and LaVergne, TN are prepared to work with your prints and templates, or from our specifications, to repair and salvage your old piece, or fabricate a new replacement. Thompson Machinery also has custom fabrication capabilities.

We specialize in bucket rebuilds, blade rebuilds, and attachment fabrication. We have fully equipped welding/fabricating service trucks ready to dispatch to your job-site to minimize your downtime.

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Our Heavy Equipment Welding and Fabrication Capabilities

Thompson Machinery machine shops provide world-class services with the personal touch associated with a local business. Our capabilities include:


Let our welding shop repair your equipment pieces or create new parts. We use two welding techniques:

  • MIG and stick welding: Stick and MIG welding works well for large and small projects alike. Our field crew can bring these welding techniques to your site for quick repairs.
  • TIG welding: TIG welding suits metals such as copper, aluminum, and titanium. It can also weld two different metals together for specialized components.


The Thompson Machinery machining team shapes a variety of metals into long-lasting components. They have machining equipment such as:

  • Milling machines: Our milling machines shape parts and metal by moving a cutter toward the workpiece. They can surface cylinder heads, engine blocks, and manifolds.
  • Line boring machines: We have in-shop and portable line boring machines that can restore your parts to their original dimensions. These machines can handle diameters ranging from 1 inch to 24 inches.


Using modern technologies and techniques, our experts can cut parts straight from sheet metal. Our machine shop uses two cutting methods:

  • Flame cutting: Traditional flame cutting can cut a variety of components at an economical price. Our shop’s machines can handle metal thicknesses of up to 5 inches.
  • Waterjet cutting: For advanced projects, we have a waterjet cutter with specialized capabilities. It has three-dimensional cutting abilities as well as etching capabilities for some materials.  Watch the video below to learn more about our OMAX Waterjet Precision Cutting System.

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When you have old parts in need of repair, we can salvage them into like-new components. The machine shop team has these salvaging capabilities at their disposal:

  • Large hydraulic presses: Our shop’s 60-ton presses work with a wide range of part weights and thicknesses. These advanced machines can form and straighten parts beyond typical capabilities.
  • Flame spray coating: We use flame spray coating to restore components with worn surfaces. These coatings range from 1/30th to 1/80,000th of an inch in thickness, depending on the part and process.

Hydraulic Parts Fabrication

If your equipment needs hydraulic components, we can fabricate, rebuild, and repair these critical parts. We can create:

  • Hydraulic hoses: All of our Thompson Machinery shops create hydraulic hoses for Cat® equipment and machines from other makes.
  • Hydraulic cylinders: We can also hone, rebuild, repair, or fabricate a hydraulic cylinder up to 19 inches long and 21 inches in diameter.

Welding and Fabrication On-Site Services

Our on-site technicians can perform select types of welding and fabrication at your job site. In most cases, these jobs involve repairing or replacing a part of your equipment. We can remake or weld simple components to get your equipment running again. Since our technicians have factory training for welding and machining, they will provide durable and high-quality results.

Custom Construction Equipment Fabrication and Welding Services

Thompson Machinery also has custom fabrication capabilities. Count on our machine shop for customized design and fabrication when you have specialized requirements. Our experts will work closely with you to develop a part that meets your needs and budget. We can create custom attachments, application pieces and parts for your next job. Learn more when you contact a Thompson Machinery shop near you.

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Leave your parts fabrication to the experts at Thompson Machinery. Discover the welding and fabrication services you need by contacting a welding repair shop near you.
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