Equipment Management Services

Equipment ManagementBoost Your Fleet’s Efficiency and Productivity

Cat equipment provides you with the versatility, reliability and performance you and your team want, but it’s the Equipment Management Services (EMS) from Cat Connect that give you the information you need to keep your fleet running stronger for longer.

Cat’s EMS features three services:


InformReceive real-time data from your fleet through Cat’s Product Link™ software and technology whether you’re onsite or off. Access information online through VisionLink® and view the following:

  • Equipment speed, hours and location
  • Fleet health, fuel efficiency and availability
  • Maintenance and repair alerts

Use this data to become better-informed about your fleet. See how their fuel efficiency, for example, compares to other similar machines equipped with Product Link-compatible control modules in your area. By seeing and understanding how your equipment is operating, you can plan how to improve its productivity and efficiency.


AdviseCount on Thompson Machinery to deliver actionable and valuable reports from your Product Link data.

We review and analyze your equipment’s real-time information to recommend changes to improve your fleet’s productivity and efficiency. Our recommendations consider more than the available data — we also look at your company needs and budget. Our suggested solutions can be personalized just like Cat Connect. Reports may include suggestions to:

  • Conduct an equipment inspection
  • Analyze fluid through S•O•SSM Services
  • Limit machine idling times
  • Schedule preventative maintenance for machines with a certain number of hours

EMS reports from our expert team save you from investing your time in analyzing the data and developing a plan to reduce your fleet’s emissions and costs while raising productivity and efficiency. Our team at Thompson Machinery also notifies you about priority concerns, like excessive idling times, low fuel efficiency or high operating speeds.


PartnerManaging a fleet — whether it’s five or 100 pieces of equipment — is a time-consuming task. Every machine produces a large amount of data each day that requires analysis as well as the expertise to interpret the data and develop an actionable report. Partnerships with our knowledgeable team at Thompson Machinery provide:

  • Onsite preventative maintenance
  • Proactive monitoring of Product Link data
  • Inspections and fuel analysis
  • Customized reports highlighting where and how to improve

As your partner, we manage your equipment so you can reach the height of productivity and efficiency. We help you achieve your goal by reducing your downtime through scheduled, customizable maintenance, which prevents compromised fuel efficiency and unexpected repairs.

Manage Your Fleet With Thompson Machinery

You depend on Cat equipment to get the job done. Now, rely on your Tennessee Cat dealer to get the job done faster without a loss of quality. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable team at Thompson Machinery today for more information about putting Cat Connect to work for you.

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