The Cat Rental Store donates equipment to clean-up in Waverly, TN

“When we heard they needed help, we didn’t hesitate to step in and offer whatever we could… That’s what we’re all about at Thompson – building stronger communities.” – Stephen Jolley, Cat Rental Store Rep.

The Cat Rental Store at Thompson Machinery along with numerous Thompson customers, recently donated plenty of equipment and crews to the clean-up effort in Waverly, TN, a community devastated by a severe flood earlier this summer.

While the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides communities in need with debris removal, they are unable to assist in the actual tear down process. This means that even if a building is completely destroyed, there is still a huge gap in assistance required before the community can move forward on the path to rebuild. This is where the Cat Rental Store team, along with Thompson Machinery customers Coyote Creek Landscape, Reed Landscape, and Cotton’s Specialized Hauling stepped in.

The Cat Rental Store at Thompson Machinery donated a Cat 313 Excavator with a thumb, a Cat D4 Dozer, a Cat 239 Skid Steer Loader, a Vermeer CTX and Dump Trailer, along with five Grapple Buckets. Coyote Creek Landscape, and owner Graham Mosley, brought three Cat Rental machines they already had on rent along with a full crew of operators to assist with the cleanup. Michael Poe, owner of Reed Landscape, volunteered for the day along with one of his operators, Brice. Poe also supplied his lowboy and helped with the transport of all machines to Waverly. Finally, Cotton’s Specialized Hauling donated transport for the 313 Cat Excavator to and from Waverly. Together, the Cat Rental Store team at Thompson Machinery partnered with customer efforts proved instrumental in helping with the tear down of 16 homes in Waverly, TN so the community can begin to rebuild.

We are so proud to be a part of a community that comes together to help one another in times of need. To get involved in the Waverly, TN clean-up effort, call 931-888-8011 today.

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