Power Generation Rentals

Thompson Energy Solutions provides diesel power mobile generators ranging from 20kW to 2000kW, and natural gas mobile generators ranging from 1475kW to 1900kW. We also provide complete distribution packages
from cables to switchgear and controls, circuit breakers and transformer boxes, load banks, bus bars, distribution panels, fuel tanks, and more. Our expert team is available 24/7/365.

24/7/365 Emergency Services

Our experts are on standby for 24/7 emergency services whenever you need them. We also offer emergency planning and disaster preparedness assistance. Our team helps you develop a plan of action for an unexpected events.

Diesel Generator Specifications

Model Standby Rating Prime Rating Voltage Prime Run Time (full load) Fuel Tank Capacity Engine Dimensions (W x H x L w/Trailer) Weight (w/Fuel, Lube Oil, Coolant, and Trailer)
20 20kW 18kW 208 to 480V 29+ hrs 45 gal C2.2 6" x 6' x 11'3" 3,084 lbs
30 30kW 27kW 208 to 480V 33+ hrs 77 gal C2.2 ATAAC 6'5" x 6'9" x 12'4" 4,753 lbs
45 45kW 41kW 208 to 480V 41+ hrs 157 gal C4.4 Turbo 6'6" x 7'1" x 15'3" 6,711 lbs
60 60kW 54kW 208 to 480V 32+ hrs 157 gal C4.4 Turbo 6'6" x 7'1" x 15'3 6,980 lbs
80 80kW 70kW 208 to 480V 34 hrs 167 gal C4.4 Turbo 6'5" x 8'6" x 16'3" 8,159 lbs
100 100kW 90kW 208 to 480V 29 hrs 167 gal C4.4 Turbo 6'5" x 8'6" x 16'3" 8,269 lbs
125 132kW 120kW 208 to 480V 22.6 hrs 167 gal Cat 3304 TA 6'10" x 7'8" x 16'8" 8,191 lbs
175 175kW 157.5kW 208 to 480V 20 hrs 261 gal C6.6 ATAAC 6'5" x 8'4" x 17'4" 10,605 lbs
200 200kW 182kW 208 to 480V 24.3 hrs 342 gal C7.1 ATAAC 7'4" x 8'5" x 19'9" 11,660 lbs
230 230kW 210kW 208 to 480V 23.4 hrs 400 gal C9 8'4" x 9'6" x 20'6" 16,550 lbs
300 300kW 275kW 208 to 480V 18.6 hrs 400 gal C9 8'4" x 9'6" x 20'6" 22,130 lbs
350 350kW 320kW 208 to 480V 29 hrs 520 gal C13 T4i 8'6" x 10'6" x 23'7" 22,130 lbs
400 400kW 365kW 208 to 480V 17.5 hrs 520 gal C15 ATAAC 8'6" x 11' x 22'11" 21,300 lbs
500 500kW 455kW 208 to 480V 21 hrs 700 gal C15 T4i 8' x 12'6" x 22' 35,045 lbs
600 600kW 545kW 208 to 480V 14 hrs 428 gal C18 TII 8' x 9'6" x 20' 36,000 lbs
800 795kW 725kW 208 to 480V 23 hrs 1250 gal C27 T4i 8' x 13'6" x 30' 49,000 lbs
1000 1000kW 910kW 208 to 480V 18.7 hrs 1250 gal C32 TII 8' x 9'6" x 30' 47,000 lbs
2000 2000kW 1825kW 208 to 480V 9.8 hrs 1250 gal 3516 TII 8' x 9'6" x 40' 93,000 lbs

Visit the Genset Calculator to select kW to determine recommended Cat genset, kVA, Volts, and Amps


Corporate Account SalesPower Rental Sales – Middle TNGreg Moore


Rental ConsultantPower Rental Sales – West TN & North MSKeary Hartunian

Power Distribution

We provide the complete distribution packages:

  • Cables – 50 amp, 2/5 banded (200 amp), 4/0 cable (400 amp)
  • Switchgear
  • Controls
  • Circuit breakers
  • Transformers boxes
  • Quad boxes
  • Load banks
  • Bus bars
  • Distribution panels
  • Spider boxes
  • Outlets
  • Cable ramps
  • Fuel tanks

One Call. One Team. One Solution.

Wide Range of PowerRental power is available in fully self-contained, mobile gas and diesel, from 20kw to 2000kW.Response TimeSupported by our network of rental power experts in the field, we can
immediately outfit your system, deliver it (with all the ancillary equipment included), provide the connection, fuel, start-up, service, and maintenance, and can remain on-site to provide support when
necessary.SupportExperts available every step of the way to help you design a system, deliver equipment, provide technical support, service, maintenance, and training programs for rental projects.
Environmental ConsiderationsOur units are specially engineered to produce lower gas/diesel emissions and meet or exceed local emission standards, and we offer options such as sound attenuation for sensitive
environments. All units come with standard fuel containment.One Point of Contact - Turnkey Solution

  • Fully self-contained, mobile generators 20 to 2000 kW
  • One point of contact
  • One agreement covering all locations
  • Simplified billing
  • Priority service
  • 1,500+ technicians in Cat network
  • Fuel services
  • Nationwide network


As a Cat® equipment dealer in Mississippi and Tennessee, Thompson Machinery offers major power generation solutions to a broad range of manufacturers and industrial leaders. Our products are compliant with all the necessary industry and fuel requirements, such as the EPA’s Tier 4 emission and CARB standards.

Whatever the demands of your current application, our large industrial generator rentals will ensure that your operations maintain a steady forward momentum. These products have rugged, heavy-duty engines along with simple and easy-to-manage controls. If you need a source of back-up power for your facility or an emergency solution for critical applications, we have everything you need at one convenient location.

Other advantages of using our rentals include:


Working with Thompson Machinery will give you access to the latest and most reliable generator technology you can call on at any time. We keep our rental terms flexible so that you can keep your applications in line with the specific time frame you need. Cat generators are fast and easy to employ in most applications with large demands. Whether you’re looking for a generator that can support your entire facility during an electrical repair or a secondary source of power to handle heavy workloads, we can provide equipment that aligns with your goals.

Thompson Machinery has been delivering new and pre-owned Cat equipment solutions for over 75 years. Our variety of rental options and technical support help us serve many industrial leaders throughout Tennessee and Northern Mississippi.


Why spend time and funds buying a generator for a temporary need when you can get an industrial generator rental at a more economical cost? We have a variety of product options available, so you can find a piece of equipment that fits your specifications. To learn more about one of our heavy-duty industrial generator options, reach out to us online today or request a quote.