Power Systems for the Health Care Industry

Thompson – Lead Cat dealer for the HealthTrust Network

HealthTrust is a leading healthcare performance optimization and group purchasing organization. As the lead Cat dealer for the HealthTrust network, Thompson Energy Solutions provides a suite of Cat Power Systems products including (Caterpillar HealthTrust Contract #HPG–46261):

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Healthcare Power Systems

Thompson Energy Solutions is a leading Cat dealer for healthcare sole source contracts providing a one call, turnkey solution for all healthcare faculties, including rental power for hurricane and natural disaster events. Thompson and the Cat dealer network ensure your facilities are prepared for electrical disturbances, including planned and unplanned outages.

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Healthcare Power System Experts

Powering machines that sustain lives. Cat generator sets are powering some of the world’s largest hospitals. It’s essential to have a backup generator you can trust when the power goes out, as well as a dealer network to provide parts and service.  We configure your power system to match the ongoing demands of your facility and additional temporary power in emergencies.

Once we assess your specific situation, we will develop a fully integrated power system – including automatic transfer switch (ATS), uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and switchgear – designed to operate and work seamlessly together. And we will tailor each component to develop a fully optimized system, including attachments and performance options to meet your specific application. That’s why some of the nation’s largest hospitals, critical care facilities and surgical centers rely on Thompson and Cat power systems.


NFPA 110

Thompson provides the expertise to ensure all NFPA 110 standards for emergency and standby power systems are met. NFPA 110 covers performance requirements for emergency and standby power systems providing an alternate source of electrical power in buildings and facilities in the event that the normal electrical power source fails. Systems include power sources, transfer equipment, controls, supervisory equipment, and accessory equipment needed to supply electrical power to the selected circuits.

NFPA110 Experience and Knowledge


Hurricane and Natural Disaster Contingency Plans

Thompson is one of the Rental Power leaders in the healthcare industry, providing emergency response resources throughout the U.S. with mobile gensets up to 2000kW. Supported by the Cat dealer network of rental power experts in the field, we can immediately deliver mobile gensets with all the ancillary equipment included, provide the connection, fuel, start-up, service, and maintenance, and can remain on-site to provide support when necessary.


Power distribution


Benefits of Cat Power Systems for Health Care Businesses

Health care companies get many advantages from choosing Cat as their power systems partner, including:

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Service Capabilities

Unmatched support services backed by the Cat dealer network to ensure your facilities are prepared for electrical disturbances, including planned and unplanned outages.

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