Cat Connect

Cat continues to develop innovative technology so your work sites can reach maximum efficiency while ensuring your team’s safety. Combined with our seven decades of experience at Thompson Machinery, you can guarantee you’ll find the Cat Connect technology you need to build and grow your company.

Equipment Management Services

Our goal as a Cat dealer is to give you tools for enhancing your equipment management. Cat Connect management solutions include:

  • Asset location
  • Utilization
  • Fuel and idle data
  • Health and maintenance information

Use these tools to reduce your operating costs by monitoring your fleet’s status 365 days a year to schedule maintenance, which can prevent decreased fuel efficiency. Fewer machines in the shop also means more uptime at your job site.
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Cat Connect productivity technology provides you with insight into your work site’s operations. Optimize the following areas with Cat Connect:

  • Loads and cycles
  • Payloads and volumes
  • Grade and impact
  • Project progress

Take the results from Cat Connect to work safer, faster and with more accuracy. By optimizing your day-to-day work site tasks, you can finish jobs faster, expand your number of projects and grow your business.
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Work sites require safety, which is why Cat Connect offers technology that provides the following features:

  • Vision
  • Object detection
  • Proximity awareness
  • Personnel

Implement high safety standards to protect your most valuable assets: your team. Promoting a positive safety culture and reducing injuries builds morale, which can boost productivity and help you finish projects ahead of schedule.
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Get Connected With Thompson Machinery

Cat Connect provides four insightful services that are customizable to your company’s needs, which is why we’re proud to offer Cat equipment and Cat Connect at Thompson Machinery. Learn more about personalizing Cat Connect by contacting our experienced team today.

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