Data Centers

Power Systems to Keep You Connected

The need for data center services has grown as internet usage has become more widespread. Data centers need conditioned, quality and sustainable power solutions to meet the demand for communication, e-commerce and more. These solutions must also prevent downtime and support low-carbon initiatives.

Our team focuses on meeting the goal of 100% uptime for data center services with industry-leading response times and efficiency levels. Thompson Energy Solutions has power solutions for:

Tailored Power Solutions to Enhance Your Data Center Infrastructure

Thompson Energy Solutions and our design engineers partner with data centers to create tailored power solutions. From concept design to specification and planning, we’ll ensure your power system integrates with your data center infrastructure. Your operations will gain reliable and safe power within your project timelines and goals. As a result, your customers can connect — and stay connected — on time and on budget.

Our engineers will build your Cat® power systems based on your unique needs. A Cat power solution can provide and implement:

How Thompson Energy Solutions Supports the Data Center Industry

As the exclusive Cat dealer for Middle Tennessee, West Tennessee and North Mississippi, Thompson Energy Solutions has access to the vast selection of power products from Caterpillar. We can deliver expert service and support throughout your power product’s lifetime to ensure optimal performance.

In addition to the widest product selection in the industry, we also offer:

Data Center Power Systems

As a leading Cat dealer with turnkey solutions for data centers, Thompson Energy Solutions has rental power products to sustain operations through natural disasters. Our Cat dealer network will ensure your facilities are prepared for power outages and electrical disturbances from hurricanes and other events.

Power Systems Service and Support

Our service team understands the urgent needs of your power generation systems. We ensure the highest level of training for our technicians, including annual safety training to meet federal, state and local compliance guidelines. The Thompson team is equipped to make sure your facilities are prepared for electrical disturbances, including planned and unplanned outages.

We provide the following services:

Hurricane and Natural Disaster Contingency Plans

Thompson Energy Solutions is one of the rental power leaders in the healthcare industry, providing emergency response resources throughout the U.S. with mobile gensets up to 2,000kW. Our Cat dealer network includes field experts in rental power solutions, enabling us to:

With Thompson Energy Solutions as your power solutions dealer for hurricanes and other natural disasters, your operations will benefit from:

Our Power Distribution Solutions

Thompson Energy Solutions offers the following power distribution products for data centers: