Data Centers

Keeping You Connected

The demand for data center services is growing at an incredible rate. The world’s populations increasingly rely on the internet for everything from communication to commerce. Data centers need sustainable, quality, conditioned power to meet the requirements of customers for whom downtime is not an option and for whom a low-carbon future is a priority.

Our team focuses on meeting the goal of 100% uptime for data center services with industry leading response times and efficiencies:


Designed to Meet Your Needs

From concept design to planning and specification, Thompson Energy Solutions and Caterpillar design engineers partner with you to develop a power system that integrates seamlessly into your overall data center infrastructure. Safety and security underpin the provision of reliable power, with laser focus on your project timelines and goals to ensure your customers get connected and stay connected on time and on budget.

Cat power systems are designed and built upon a detailed understanding of your needs, providing and implementing:


Quality, Efficiency, and Reliability

Thompson Energy Solutions and Caterpillar has the widest portfolio of power products in the industry with service and support throughout the lifetime of your power solution for total peace of mind.

What we offer:

Lifelong Partnership – We are committed to the data center industry. At an enterprise level, we are structured for data center account support, while on the ground, our global dealer network offers unrivaled pre-sales advice and expertise in specification, installation, and commissioning.

Pre-Shipment System Witness Testing – Gives you total peace of mind, seeing your power solution in operation before shipping.

Complete Packaged Solutions – Plug and play systems, arrive on-site ready to perform to your specific requirements.

Paralleling Switchgear and Control Systems – Offer intuitive operation and interface, providing important operational insights with remote asset monitoring and control options that facilitate pre-emptive maintenance, avoiding costly unplanned outages.

Optimized for Sustainability – Our tailored solutions support your sustainability goals now and into the future with low and no carbon power sources available to meet your needs and support your sustainability goals. When your power equipment reaches the end of its first life, Caterpillar Reman offers the opportunity to realize its second, redirecting components from landfill and ensuring cost-effective extension of product lifetime.

Data Center Power Systems

Thompson Energy Solutions is a leading Cat dealer for data center contracts providing a one call, turnkey solution, including rental power for hurricane and natural disaster events. Thompson and the Cat dealer network ensure your facilities are prepared for electrical disturbances, including planned and unplanned outages.


Our service team understands the urgent needs of your power generation systems. We ensure the highest level of training for our technicians that includes annual safety training to meet a federal, state, and local compliance. The Thompson team is geared to make sure your facilities are prepared for electrical disturbances, including planned and unplanned outages.  The following services are provided:



Thompson is one of the Rental Power leaders in the healthcare industry, providing emergency response resources throughout the U.S. with mobile gensets up to 2000kW. Supported by the Cat dealer network of rental power experts in the field, we can immediately deliver mobile gensets with all the ancillary equipment included, provide the connection, fuel, start-up, service, and maintenance, and can remain on-site to provide support when necessary.


Power distribution

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