Oil and Gas

Are you looking for a safer, more cost-effective way to generate power for your company’s oil and gas applications? Then replace your current engine, drive motor or generator set with a piece of equipment from Thompson Machinery’s selection of highly efficient power solutions.

As an authorized Cat® dealer in Tennessee and Northern Mississippi, we have a full inventory of oil and gas power generation products for sale. We’ve spent over 75 years in the industry working with customers who have had various needs and requirements. This means that, regardless of your application, we can provide a smart solution from Caterpillar® that will improve your bottom line. We’re prepared to be your partner and greatest source of long-term support.

Choose From a Massive Selection of Oil and Gas Power Generation Equipment

Before you can invest in new power generation solutions for your oil and gas business, it’s important to know exactly what equipment you’re looking for. At Thompson Machinery, we carry over 100 unique oil and gas power systems, ranging from gas compression engines and well service pumps to land production and offshore generator sets.

Our oil and gas power generation products for sale support a multitude of oil and gas-related applications, such as well servicing in harsh environments, land drilling and offshore production. These projects require help from equipment that can withstand extreme conditions and demonstrate reliability in a wide range of situations.

Our power generation equipment originates from reputable Cat product lines, which means that it offers excellent durability and performance in almost any location. These solutions have energy-efficient engine designs, corrosion-resistant components and low emissions. Whether you’re initiating an oil and gas drilling project or compressing gas for consumer delivery, we can give you access to a product with the performance capabilities and ease of use that you’re looking for.

Thompson Machinery for Your Power Generation Needs

Because oil and gas industry leaders often work in environments that lack sufficient energy sources, we use a variety of electric drive motors, transmissions, pumps, engines, modules and generator sets to help our customers overcome these challenges. Ordering Cat power generation equipment from Thompson Machinery means you can produce the level of power you need for complex applications, wherever you may go. Some of the benefits of partnering with us include:

Order Thompson Machinery Equipment Today

If you’re looking for a highly productive engine that will power your current equipment or a supplementary generator to help reduce project downtime, browse our equipment to find the model you need. Our Cat oil and gas power generation options for sale range in size, rating and efficiency, so order today or get in touch with any questions.