Prinoth t12 for rentRemote worksites come with a slurry of conditions that make moving vehicles difficult — from rough ground to inclement weather, off-road locations make navigating with a normal truck time-consuming, if not impossible. When you accept a job at a remote worksite, you need to know you have the specialized machinery to get the job done efficiently.

The PRINOTH PANTHER T12 is a powerful tracked crawler carrier designed to handle a variety of jobs in challenging conditions, making it a popular tool for work crews heading into remote territory. If your crew is based in Tennessee or Northern Mississippi and you’re looking for an off-road tracked vehicle to assist with your next project, consider renting a PRINOTH T12 from Thompson Machinery.

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Built for High Performance in Tough Conditions

The PANTHER T12 is a strong crawler carrier with a metal-embedded rubber track capable of moving across all sorts of difficult terrain. Like other PRINOTH vehicles, the T12 meets and exceeds expectations for high performance in challenging and remote work environments. Some of the T12’s impressive features include:

  • High payload capacity: The PANTHER T12 can move earth, equipment and materials of up to 12 tons while exerting low ground pressure. It has a maximum speed of 6.2 miles per hour, so you can move to and from the worksite and deliver large payloads quickly.
  • Low ground pressure: When loaded, the T12 exerts a low ground pressure of 5.91 psi. This makes it possible for the vehicle to carry heavy loads without getting stuck.
  • Adaptable undercarriage: The T12 comes with an adaptable undercarriage designed to adjust to uneven terrain and maintain constant contact with the ground for easier, more efficient maneuvering.
  • Efficient engine: This PRINOTH crawler carrier is equipped with a Tier 4 Caterpillar engine, which keeps fuel consumption, emissions and engine noise low during operation.
  • Easy tool implementation: The T12’s truck-style chassis makes it easy to attach almost any implement with little modification. As a result, this versatile machine can handle everything from power line maintenance to off-road construction work.

Renting a PRINOTH T12 for Your Operation

prinoth t12 rentalIf you’ve decided a T12 is the right machine for your upcoming project, you now need to decide whether you will rent or buy. If you plan to use the T12 regularly, purchasing outright may make sense. However, depending on the length of the job and how often you plan to tackle off-road work, renting may come with more financial and practical benefits.

When you rent a PRINOTH T12, you’ll only pay for the equipment when you need it. You’ll minimize the amount of maintenance that needs to be done independently and gain access to your rental company’s repair services whenever you need them. At Thompson Machinery, our highly trained staff keep our PRINOTH crawler carriers in top condition. If your T12 breaks down in the field, we’ll remedy the problem and get you back to work quickly.

Thompson Machinery has been providing equipment, parts, service and support for more than 70 years. Visit one of our 11 locations or fill out our online contact form to arrange a short- or long-term PRINOTH T12 rental today.

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