Aerial Work Platform Rental

E450AJWorking up in the air is serious business. To guarantee safety and efficiency, you need to use the right type of aerial work platform for the job at hand. Using the wrong lift will slow you down and can put your crews at risk.

At Thompson Machinery, we have a wide range of aerial work platforms for rent for customers across Tennessee and Mississippi. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the reliable, convenient lifts you need when you need them.

Choosing to rent instead of buying gives you great flexibility. It means you always have the right lift for the job and don’t have to make do with one single type of aerial work platform for all jobs. Depending on your job, you may need different performance in terms of height, reach, control, platform size and load rating. Certain environments require specific equipment as well, since not all lifts are designed for rough or uneven terrain.

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Renting also allows you to test equipment before you commit to buying it. You may rent a lift for a certain job and decide you need it in your fleet. On the other hand, you might realize that you’re better off renting from Thompson Machinery for those occasions when you need a specific lift, and invest your money in other equipment and machinery.

And in the case of an emergency or equipment breakdown, renting from us allows you to stay on schedule and get the job done on time.

Great Selection for All of Your Aerial Work

 You may not have aerial work to do every day. But when you do have to get your crews up off the ground for working at elevation, you want them to do it with a safe and sturdy aerial work platform. At Thompson Machinery, we have a whole fleet of lifts available across our 11 locations in Tennessee and Mississippi:

With this many choices in aerial work platforms, you can select the lift that matches your terrain and elevation needs. Your crews will be free to work safely and efficiently and focus on the job at hand, instead of spending time trying to get to the right height for their work.

An additional advantage when you rent through Thompson Machinery is knowing that our equipment is serviced and maintained when you receive it. We have a dedicated crew that verifies every aerial work platform between uses and takes care of all upgrades and maintenance. It’s ready to go when you receive it, and we take care of any problems that might occur.

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We invite you to give us a call today or fill in our handy online contact form to let us know what kind of aerial work platform you need, and for how long. We can rent for short periods or over the long term, giving your business the flexibility it needs. Before you invest in a scissor lift, consider renting through Thompson Machinery. You’ll benefit from our quality equipment and enjoy the value and flexibility that comes with renting from an industry leader.

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