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Early detection delivers peak performance from your equipment. S.O.SSM Fluid Analysis is a reliable, thorough, and cost-effective preventive maintenance program. It allows our customers to lower operating costs and to schedule downtime for necessary repairs. Thompson Machinery’s fluid analysis lab in LaVergne (Nashville) operates with one primary goal in mind–enabling our customers to get the most out of their equipment. Test results are analyzed against previous results to monitor for abnormal wear trends. We give the customer an overall evaluation and recommendation. An oil analysis form is then printed and mailed, faxed, or emailed to the customer.

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Types of Fluid Analysis

Thompson Machinery’s Cat® fluid analysis labs perform three types of fluid analysis for equipment:

1. Diesel Engine and Hydraulic Oil Analysis

Our oil analysis services cover every part of your lubricated systems. By analyzing your equipment’s oil, we can find signs of small problems that could later become bigger ones. An oil test helps detect issues like internal wear and contamination that could impact the entire machine’s systems. Let our lab technicians discover:

  • Early signs of wear metals in the oil
  • Your oil’s general condition
  • Contaminants that affect performance, including fuel, water, dirt and glycol
2. Coolant Analysis

With today’s machines having higher engine operating temperatures, coolant quality becomes more important than ever. Your cooling system has as much importance as your engine to your equipment’s performance. Many issues that start in the cooling system can turn into problems that also affect the engine, hydraulic system or transmission. Our coolant analysis services will examine these aspects of your coolant:

  • Chemical properties and balance
  • Appearance
  • Behavior
  • Additive traits
3. Fuel Analysis

The quality of your equipment’s fuel impacts its overall health and performance. Low-quality fuel can result in abnormal wear of your valves, piston rings and other critical components. Your fuel also affects the emissions your equipment produces, influencing your compliance with requirements. Our fuel tests can analyze fuel in a machine or fuel in storage. During these analyses, our lab technicians look for:

  • Abnormal chemical content
  • Growth of bacteria or fungi
  • Unusual viscosity
  • Composition during cold weather

Understanding Your Cat Oil Sample Results

Once our lab team finishes analyzing your sample, they will send you detailed results. A typical analysis report includes:

  • Overall evaluation: The overall evaluation features a color code that communicates the urgency of the actions you need to take.
  • Interpretation: You will also get an interpretation of your results that includes recommendations for action.
  • Test results: Each report includes detailed results from your analysis, including an explanation of the abbreviations used.
  • Condition and contamination: All three types of analysis include an overview of the fluid’s condition and presence of any contamination.

Cat Oil Analysis Cost Savings and Benefits

For the initial cost of fluid testing, you get to save money in the long run. Fluid analysis saves money by:

  • Reducing operating costs: Fluid analysis helps you keep your equipment well maintained, resulting in lower operating costs and higher efficiency.
  • Preventing major repairs: By alerting you of smaller issues before they worsen, fluid analysis helps you avoid bigger, more expensive repairs.
  • Helping you schedule downtime: When you catch a problem before it becomes urgent, you can plan the downtime associated with repairs.
  • Improving your return on investment: Getting regular fluid tests allows you to extend your equipment’s lifespan, helping you get more out of your initial investment.

Get a Fluid or Oil Analysis From Thompson Machinery

Select Thompson Machinery locations take and accept fluid samples from client equipment. To learn if you qualify for fluid analysis services, contact a location in your area.

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