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Condition MonitoringDo you rely on Cat® equipment for your business in West Tennessee, Middle Tennessee or North Mississippi? Keeping your fleet on the job and performing well is crucial to your company’s success. Condition monitoring (CM) from Thompson Machinery is a convenient, comprehensive solution for protecting and improving your fleet’s health.


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What Is Condition Monitoring?

Condition monitoring systems are available via local, full-service Cat dealers like Thompson Machinery. The service utilizes ProductLink, a remote monitoring and equipment management solution from Caterpillar, to collect and analyze essential data regarding your equipment’s condition.

CM combines several elements to obtain a comprehensive machine assessment:

  • On-site inspection and evaluation: A well-trained Thompson Machinery technician, who is familiar with every inch of a Cat machine, will conduct a physical inspection to identify potential issues.
  • Fluid sampling: We’ll collect samples of all vital fluids for testing, including fuel, oil and coolant.
  • S·O·S℠ fluid analysis: This proprietary program from Caterpillar entails using verified laboratory techniques to assess the levels of contamination and wear in your fluids.
  • Data analysis: An advisor will analyze all the information obtained via the condition monitoring data collection and sampling phases.
  • Summary report: We’ll provide a report summarizing our findings and recommendations for additional actions, such as maintenance, repairs and training opportunities.

What Are the Benefits of Our Condition Monitoring Services?

Implementing condition monitoring can provide numerous benefits for your business.

Predictive Maintenance

The data obtained via CM allows you to accurately predict when your equipment will need preventive maintenance. You can schedule service during slower periods when you don’t need the machine, minimizing unproductive downtime.

Cost Reduction

This proactive fleet monitoring approach allows you to manage equipment costs more efficiently. You can perform preventive maintenance at the appropriate time and schedule repairs before more significant and expensive mechanical failures occur. CM helps to extend the components’ life span, lengthening the intervals between replacements. You’ll also be able to identify areas for improvement, such as reducing idle time and fuel burn.

Enhanced Performance

Our service will enable your assets to operate at maximum efficiency. Your job site performance will improve, allowing you to complete more work in less time. The data you receive will also allow you to make informed decisions about your equipment, like when it’s time to replace an underperforming unit.

Improved Safety

Use CM to identify and correct potential safety issues resulting from mechanical failures or unsafe operating habits. You’ll be able to reduce the risk of job site accidents and injuries.

Why Choose Us for Condition Monitoring Services?

As the authorized Cat dealer for West Tennessee, Middle Tennessee and North Mississippi, Thompson Machinery knows Cat equipment and what it takes to maximize its performance. Regular service, including condition monitoring performed by our experienced technicians, will add substantial value to your business and increase your fleet’s life span.

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