Reach Your Performance and Productivity Benchmarks

Caterpillar® designed Cat Connect in response to your drive to do more. This customizable technology provides you with the data, while our team at Thompson Machinery gives you the advice for how to reach your optimal fleet productivity.

Three technologies are behind Cat Connect productivity:


Upgrade your efficiency by 50 percent with Cat Connect GRADE technologies. The software focuses on three areas to improve grade times while also making your operator’s grade easier, more accurate and more consistent. These areas include:

  • Digital design
  • In-cab operator guidance
  • Automatic machine control

Whether you’re grading a simple plane and slope or creating a more complex contour for a project, the above technologies improve your team’s productivity. They also reduce your survey, material and labor costs. Install this software and hardware on motor graders, track type tractors, excavators, scrapers and more.


Overloaded or under-loaded payloads, plus reweighs, decrease your team’s production times. Cat Connect PAYLOAD technologies give your crew the tools they need to reach precise load targets every time. Accurate payloads provide several benefits:

  • Fill loads to maximum capacity
  • Prevent payload adjustments
  • Reduce loading times
  • Monitor load weights in real-time
  • Boost work site productivity

Save time, reduce costs and increase your crew’s efficiency by equipping Cat Connect PAYLOAD technologies on your wheel loaders, excavators, scrapers, articulated and off-highway trucks. At Thompson Machinery, we can install these technologies for you.


Cat Connect COMPACT tools provide high-quality and consistent results while reducing your project durations. The state-of-the-art technology allows your team to work smarter by providing real-time compaction information and design data. The software relies on:

  • Advanced compaction measurement
  • Reports
  • In-cab operator guidance

Providing a quality soil or asphalt finish with these technologies lowers your material costs and rework times. Available for K-Series, Legacy and OEM landfill compactors, our team can outfit your equipment so you can start boosting your productivity.


Product Link™ is an essential component of Cat Connect. This wireless technology delivers real-time information about your team’s productivity and machine activity. Use Product Link to find out:

  • Location and status of equipment
  • Payload weights
  • Job progress
  • Fuel burn and emissions

Provide your operators with immediate feedback so they can monitor payloads, for example, or assess emergency situations and their potential impact on your job site’s schedule. Manage your fleet’s data or have our experienced team at Thompson Machinery analyze it to build preventative maintenance programs so your job sites remain active.

Get Productive With Thompson Machinery

Productivity is a crucial component to Cat Connect. With more than 70 years of experience, you can count on Thompson Machinery to help you increase your performance and lower your costs. Contact our innovative customer service team at Thompson Machinery about installing and managing Cat Connect today.

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