Light Tower Rental

Having adequate light at your job site isn’t just a matter of convenience. It can also help your crews work efficiently and increase safety, especially when they’re working in close proximity to dangerous installations, like electrical wires.

But if you’re not fully equipped with all the lights you need, there’s no reason to go out and spend a fortune to buy them. You can rent the light towers you need from Thompson Machinery and benefit from the light you need, when you need it.

Our quality light towers are designed for rugged, all-day use. They’re diesel-powered for economy and durability, and provide adjustable lighting at a range of heights. Multiple bulbs per tower give the best possible light power, reach and spread and allow you to greatly increase visibility at your work sites. There are many great reasons to rent instead of buying:

  • Renting means you get to choose from our wide range of available light towers and not settle on one single type for all occasions. Choose a more compact model that’s easy to transport for your difficult-to-access work sites and a larger light tower when you need maximum lighting power.
  • You can test out a certain type and size of light tower before buying. Try out a few of our different models and see which one has the power and features that suit you best. Compare ease of transporting and fuel efficiency before going out and purchasing a model for your business.
  • When you rent from Thompson Machinery, we take care of all of the service, inspection and maintenance of our light towers. That’s your guarantee that your light tower is ready to use from the moment you pick it up. You don’t waste precious time and energy worrying about the state of your light towers.
  • If you don’t require the use of a light tower on a frequent basis, it’s a hassle to store and also ties up your investment capital. Renting a light tower only when you need it gives you the best combination of flexibility and value.

Light towers are not only useful on a construction site, but can also be used for a variety of other situations, such as temporary parking lots, road or weather emergencies, seasonal events and concerts or power outage situations. If you want to be able to work around the clock, adequate lighting is a must. Trying to provide lighting via small, portable electric lights is generally inconvenient and requires significant time to set up and reposition.

Once one of our light towers is in place, it can shine light over a large work area. If you need to change position, the wheeled light towers are quick and easy to transport. Designed to be pulled behind a truck or other vehicle, a Thompson Machinery light tower makes a useful companion for any work site.

Start by filling in our online contact card or by giving us a call today. Tell us about your temporary lighting needs and the duration of your project. We can rent for any length of time, whether it’s just a couple of days for a quick job or a long-term project. Let Thompson Machinery take care of your heavy-duty lighting needs with our fleet of light towers available through our 11 convenient locations across Tennessee and Mississippi.

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