Preventive Maintenance

Take the hassle out of routine maintenance


If you need help with properly changing oil and servicing your machine, contact Thompson’s Preventive Maintenance team. Take the hassle out of routine lube maintenance, environmental disposal of waste products, and lost downtime by enrolling your Cat® and non-Cat equipment for an on-site PM service. We can offer you flexible scheduling of PM service around your peak hours of operation. Our Cat trained technicians with extensive equipment knowledge will perform the service to factory specifications on-site. Our trucks are equipped to handle waste disposal of oils and filters from the PM service.

A routine PM service may be a one-time service or scheduled by our PM coordinator to be performed monthly for a set fee. Our coordinator will accommodate the PM service around the utilization of your equipment to save you time and money.

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Preventive Maintenance as Part of a Customer Value Agreement (CVA)

Let us help you keep an on-time and up-to-date maintenance schedule to keep your equipment in top shape. We have a plan to fit any needs, including shop and on-site maintenance:

Basic CVA:Do It Myself 
  • Genuine Cat Parts delivered to you
  • Fluid health monitoring
  • You perform your own maintenance
Plus CVA: Do It With Me
  • Genuine Cat Parts delivered to you for minor services
  • We perform major services
  • Planned maintenance inspections
  • Fluid health monitoring
Premium CVA: Do It For Me
  • We handle all planned maintenance for you
  • Genuine Cat Parts & Fluids delivered to you
  • Planned maintenance inspections
  • Fluid health monitoring

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Components of a Construction or Heavy Equipment Preventive Maintenance Program

Whether you need preventive maintenance for earth-moving equipment, track loaders or another type of machine, we have an established process for PM. Our preventive maintenance visits will involve the following steps.

Visual Inspection

Your PM technician will begin by inspecting your equipment’s outside and inside appearance. They can learn quite a bit about its condition by looking under the machine and inside of the engine compartment.

Oil and Fluid Changes

Clean fluids keep your equipment operating at peak performance and reduce any associated wear. Your PM expert will change fluids according to manufacturer recommendations and replace their filters.

Electrical System Maintenance

Your equipment’s electrical systems affect its performance as much as its mechanical parts. During PM, your technician will check and repair wires, bulbs and other electrical system components. Since electrical issues have fewer on-site repairs available, electrical system PM can save you time and money in the future.

Tire and Track Service

Well-maintained tracks and tires ensure that you can control your equipment effectively. Thompson Machinery’s PM technicians will look for any tire or track wear and make the appropriate repairs or replacements.

Safety Item Inspection

During a PM visit, your technician will also check the safety components of your equipment. They will make sure that you have functioning seatbelts, lights, alarms and horns.


As a Thompson Machinery PM client, you will receive detailed maintenance records that you can access online. This information will help you get a higher resale value if you decide to sell your equipment in the future.

Benefits of Receiving Construction Equipment Preventive Service

The advantages of getting regular preventive maintenance from the experts as Thompson Machinery include:

  • Top performance: Every equipment manufacturer recommends periodic maintenance to keep their machines operating at full performance. Our PM technicians can visit at factory-suggested maintenance intervals for better equipment condition. Regular maintenance will also help you reduce your equipment’s wear over time.
  • Cost savings: Many equipment issues have lower repair costs when you detect them early. Our PM team knows how to find potential problems before they impact the rest of your machine. You will also get to save money by lowering your risk of sudden breakdowns that result in downtime.
  • Peace of mind: By receiving PM services, you get the knowledge that you have equipment operating in its best condition. You get to focus on other aspects of business to get more revenue.
  • Increased safety: PM inspections keep your operators safe by protecting them from dangerous equipment issues. They will also have properly functioning safety equipment.

Become a Proactive Equipment Owner

Schedule one-time or ongoing PM with Thompson Machinery in Tennessee or Mississippi. Find a service team in your area by contacting a location near you.

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