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Extend the life of your equipment


To extend the life of your equipment, Thompson Machinery offers the Caterpillar Certified Rebuild or Certified Power Train program. Following strict Caterpillar guidelines and using genuine Caterpillar parts, we completely disassemble a machine and rebuild it. You get a like-new machine, with a warranty backed by Caterpillar, at a fraction of the cost of buying new. When most competitive models would require replacement, Cat equipment can be rebuilt to deliver a cost-effective “second life.”

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Our Equipment Rebuild Programs

Resilience lies at the heart of the Caterpillar legacy. Cat machines have modular parts that allow us to repair and rebuild them to like-new condition. At Thompson Machinery, we specialize in two Cat Certified Rebuild programs.

Cat Certified Rebuild

A Cat Certified Rebuild involves a complete restoration of Cat machinery. Get more use out of your older equipment with:

  • Restoration to like-new performance
  • Replacement of around 7,000 parts, down to the wiring, gaskets, and switches
  • Frame inspection, reinforcement, and repair
  • Completion of more than 350 tests and inspections to ensure optimal performance
  • Reconditioning of critical systems like the engine, hydraulic systems, torque converter, and transmission
  • Technology and engineering updates
  • Refreshed equipment appearance

Cat Certified Powertrain

When your equipment has a worn-out power train, our rebuild team can focus on this system. A Cat Certified Power Train Rebuild includes these features:

  • Complete restoration of the engine, radiator, transmission, torque converter, axle, and final drive
  • Reconditioning or replacement of almost 3,000 different power train parts, including electronics and hardware
  • Performance of approximately 200 inspections and tests of power train components
  • Updates and improvements to power train engineering
  • Hydraulic system kidney loop and rebuild

The Cat Certified Rebuild Process

Rebuilding your equipment according to Caterpillar standards involves 10 steps:

  1. Inspection/Evaluation – The condition of the machine/component is thoroughly inspected. This includes fluid analysis

    (S•O•SSM Services is available), inspecting attachments, and reviewing maintenance and service records.

  2. Disassembly – The machine/component is completely disassembled down to the machine frame. All parts are

    carefully inspected and measured against the Caterpillar Parts Reusability Guidelines. Certain parts (including hoses,

    belts, seals, gaskets, bearings) are always replaced with new parts

  3. Reconditioning – Frames are examined, straightened, reinforced, and welded when necessary. Worn linkage pins

    and shaft bearings are replaced, and hydraulic systems are brought back to original levels of performance and


  4. Required parts replacement (CCR required replace parts) – All required to replace part numbers are identified in

    the Service information System (SIS).

  5. Engineering Updates – Certain engineering improvements and updates may have been made since original

    manufacturing of the machine. Many of these improvements will be required to be incorporated into the

    machine/component when it is reassembled.

  6. Engine/Transmission Tests – The engine, transmission, and torque converter are completely disassembled,

    inspected, reconditioned, and updated to Cat Certified Rebuild Program standards. Each component is thoroughly

    bench tested before installation in the machine.

  7. Reassembly – Critical clearances and pressure settings are all maintained and recorded.
  8. Performance Testing – All critical systems are tested to verify that they meet stringent rebuild specifications. All tests

    are periodically verified by Caterpillar to ensure the finished product meets Caterpillar standards. All oil/fluids must be

    filtered by using a kidney loop machine to remove any contaminants until the test reading matches or is better than

    the ISO standard for the respective oil/fluid system.

  9. Repainting – The entire machine is painted, and new identifying graphics are applied resulting in a

    new looking machine.

  10. Customer Evaluation – The rebuild process is complete when the customers are satisfied with the reliability,

    productivity, and availability of the machine as it operates in their working environment.

Why Rebuild?

When you choose to get a Cat Certified Rebuild, you enjoy these advantages of our program:

  • Cost savings: A Cat Certified Rebuild is more cost-effective than a complete equipment replacement. We make the most out of the available resources to save you money while delivering like-new performance.
  • Cutting-edge improvements: During the rebuild process, we update your equipment’s systems and machinery to resemble newer models. You will get the modern improvements from new equipment at a lower price.
  • Warranty coverage: Both the Cat Certified Rebuild and Cat Certified Power Train Rebuild programs include extended warranties. Cover your equipment or power train for up to three years and 5,000 service hours. We also offer a new parts warranty on all of the parts that we replace during the rebuild process.

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