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We’ve valued safety for more than 70 years at Thompson Machinery. That’s why we’re proud to be a Cat dealer and provide state-of-the-art technology developed to promote safety, productivity and performance. Learn more about evolving your job site safety by contacting us today.

Increases Your Crew’s Morale and Safety

Cat Connect is based on the Caterpillar® approach of turning challenges into opportunities. Achieving your performance benchmarks relies on raising your productivity without sacrificing your or your team’s safety. Cat Connect Safety technology boosts your efficiency and increases your crew’s morale and safety through eight practices:

  1. Sleep Profile Reporting

Equip your team with Cat’s wrist-worn monitors to track their sleep quantity and quality. The wristband syncs automatically and alerts supervisors when an operator becomes high-risk due to fatigue. Data from the smart band also shows when crews are most and least alert. Review a team member’s effectiveness score to schedule shifts and breaks in a way that ensures safety.

  1. Safety Perception Survey

Build your safety strategy through employee surveys. Receive a comprehensive report from a Cat safety expert to understand your team’s attitudes and beliefs about your existing safety systems, plus their behaviors. You’ll also receive recommendations for approaching safety policies.

  1. Safety Culture Programs

A positive safety culture is the foundation for safety. Use safety workshops, presented by Cat or Thompson Machinery, to educate and provide your team with the tools and skills they need to build a work zone that promotes safety.

  1. Operator Monitoring

Install Cat’s Driver Safety System to monitor your operators as they work. The hardware features cameras that watch a driver’s eye and head movements for signs of distraction or tiredness. Alarms will sound to catch your team member’s attention. Notifications are also sent to your onsite dispatcher so they can call in another operator.

  1. Fatigue Schedule Analysis

Get insight into your work schedules from a Cat expert. Receive a report that highlights safety risks due to current work shifts and recommendations for increasing your workplace safety.

  1. Fatigue Risk Assessment

Use the data from your Cat Smartbands, Fatigue Schedule Analysis report and Driver Safety Systems to assess your team’s energy. Count on a Cat safety expert to find the source of fatigue and distraction among your crew, plus provide recommendations for lowering those risks.

  1. Fatigue Risk Management System

Expand on your Cat Connect safety practices with the Fatigue Risk Management System. The one- to two-year program develops a custom plan to reduce your safety risks from fatigue and distraction. Install your new safety approach with the assistance of an expert.

  1. Zero Incident Performance

Streamline safety processes across your company with improvement plans, workshops and training. Reduce accidents by engaging employees at every level of your organization and encouraging individual accountability.

Raise the bar on safety with Cat Connect. Improving your company’s security leads to crews that are active and alert during shifts, which encourages productivity and reduces expenses resulting from injuries or project delays.

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