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Extensive equipment repairs may require the utilization of one of our 10 branch facilities and over 90 service bays in north Mississippi and middle and western Tennessee. We have dedicated resources for all types of services and repairs involving engines, transmissions, other power train-related components, undercarriage, hydraulics, fabrication, painting, and fluid analysis. Our service shops have specialized areas equipped with state of the art diagnostic tools to help repair and troubleshoot your equipment’s engine, transmission, hydraulics, undercarriage and other power train related components.

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Heavy Equipment Service and Maintenance Solutions

Your Thompson Machinery shop has the tools and expertise to maintain every part of your heavy equipment. We work with many popular makes and models of heavy equipment to meet your needs.  Leave it to the shop team to service the following components and more.


Today’s equipment includes powerful technology and operator comfort as main features. We can perform these cab-related services:

  • Electrical repairs: Your equipment’s electrical system controls the entire machine’s performance. Our technicians can repair your wiring, starter, alternator, and computer system.
  • Technology and diagnostics: Modern machines’ electrical systems contain detailed diagnostic information that we can obtain and understand. We can pinpoint your equipment’s issue using today’s technology.
  • Fluid analysis: Our technicians can check vital fluids to figure out your equipment’s condition. Let us analyze your oil, coolant, and fuel for any issues.
  • Battery maintenance: Whether your battery needs repair or replacement, we can have it working in top condition. We can also help you develop a replacement plan as part of preventive maintenance.
  • Air conditioning repairs: A comfortable cab makes it easier for your operators to perform quality work. We can fix your air conditioning to maximize your productivity.


Chassis components ensure that you control your equipment smoothly. Let us repair or maintain these vital systems as part of heavy equipment maintenance:

  • Steering: Every piece of vehicular equipment needs accurate and easy-to-control steering. We can detect the source of your steering issue to resolve the underlying cause.
  • Suspension: A damaged suspension system can add excess wear to tires and make rides uncomfortable. Our experts will fix your suspension issues to give you a smooth ride.
  • Brakes: Functioning brakes serve as one of the most important elements of your equipment. Let us take care of any brake issues right away to help ensure your safety and compliance.


Caterpillar® has decades of history providing reliable engines and engine service. Our technicians know how to work with engines from a variety of manufacturers to accommodate your needs. Leave your minor repairs and engine overhauls to our team of mechanical experts.

Power Train

The engine makes up just one part of the power train, the powerhouse of your machine. We work with these parts to ensure smooth operation:

  • Clutch: Clutch damage makes it difficult to change gears and slows productivity. Let us help you change gears smoothly again.
  • Transmission: A failing transmission can cause damage to the rest of your machine. We can repair your transmission and maintain it to keep the rest of the equipment in working condition.
  • Differentials: Allow us to keep your differentials in top condition to ensure that you can control your equipment smoothly.
  • Drivelines: We can also repair your entire driveline when you have control issues unrelated to your engine.

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Thompson Machinery serves hardworking businesses in Mississippi and Tennessee. Visit one of our 11 facilities across our service area to get comprehensive construction equipment services from trustworthy professionals. Find out what we can do for your fleet by contacting your closest location today.

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