Hydraulic Service

Hydraulic ServiceMany times a cylinder or hose begins to leak when you least expect it and often at the worst time.  We understand that at Thompson Machinery and this is the reason we are fully equipped to help you when you need it the most.

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Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Services

With a complete range of capabilities, we can be your one-stop shop

  • Tooling: We can remove the nut from any size cylinder rod and precisely retorque it when finished 
  • Reseal and Hone: After applying a high-quality seal, our technicians will light-hone your cylinder to extend the life of the new seal, reduce friction and heat, and boost your cylinder’s performance.
  • Re-Rod and Re-Tube: When necessary, we have the experience to fabricate a new component and back it up with a guarantee

Hydraulic Hose Services

Only Thompson can guarantee each hose for your Caterpillar machine matches the system pressure requirements and the fittings are placed at the correct angle.  Then, for other applications, our 70+ years of experience delivers results you can depend on

  • Hose: We inventory hoses for specific applications to meet the maximum working pressure
  • Tooling: Each Thompson store is equipped with the latest crimping machine and a large inventory of popular sized fittings. Other parts and fittings are usually available the next day.
  • Contamination: After assembly, each hose is cleaned internally and capped to ensure unseen particles do not enter and contaminate your hydraulic system

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Whether you want to check the quality and performance of your hydraulic cylinder or require emergency repairs, you can always count on Thompson Machinery for fast, dependable, and safe service. 

Contact us today to schedule an appointment at a Thompson store near you.

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