Prinoth T8 Trucks for Rent

If you’re planning to take on a job at an off-road worksite, you need to ensure your machinery is capable of navigating rough terrain. A normal truck will struggle to gain traction in mud, clay, sand and other types of difficult ground. As a result, you may need access to specialized equipment, such as the off-road construction equipment built by PRINOTH.

The PRINOTH PANTHER T8 is a versatile machine made to transport materials in terrain normal trucks cannot cross. At Thompson Machinery, we have these high-performance crawler carriers available for rent, so you can find the machinery your team needs to complete challenging jobs at a reasonable price.

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A Powerful and Versatile Off-Road Crawler Carrier

The PRINOTH T8 is a rubber-tracked crawler carrier powerful enough to carry heavy loads and versatile enough to fit almost any implement to its truck-style chassis. T8s are designed specifically for use in difficult terrain, which makes them ideal for teams working in the power transmission, telecommunications, construction, mining and oil and gas industries, as well as in other fields that require work in remote locations.

When you rent a T8 crawler carrier, you can expect to benefit from the following design features:

  • High payload capacity: The 225-horsepower PRINOTH T8 can deliver payloads up to eight tons. These machines can transport heavy equipment, materials and supplies over rough terrain quickly and easily.
  • Low ground pressure: Though T8s can carry heavy loads, they do so while exerting low ground pressure. This makes it possible for the crawler to keep moving forward when other vehicles might get stuck. When loaded, the T8 produces only 4.1 psi of ground pressure.
  • Adaptable undercarriage: The T8’s unique undercarriage design adapts to uneven terrain to keep the track in contact with the ground at all times.
  • User-friendly controls: PRINOTH T8s improve work efficiency by supplying operators with comfortable and easy-to-use controls, including a microcontroller, steering wheel and progressive speed controls.

Why Rent PRINOTH Equipment

Prinoth t8 rentalsDepending on the length of the job and how often you tackle off-road work, you may not want to buy T8 crawler carrier trucks outright. Renting offers a cost-effective solution for your fleet.

When you rent PRINOTH equipment, you’ll only need to pay for the machines when you need them, keeping costs low for vehicles you use only occasionally. When you rent from Thompson Machinery, you’ll also minimize the amount of time you spend on maintenance. Our knowledgeable staff performs perform upgrades and regular maintenance between rentals, so your T8s will be ready for use as soon as you pick them up. We also handle repairs as necessary in the field to reduce downtime.

You may also choose to rent T8s before you buy them. Many customers prefer to test out equipment in the field to gauge its efficiency and necessity before making a purchasing decision. At Thompson Machinery, we’re available to provide parts, service and support, no matter what you decide.

Rent Equipment From Thompson Machinery

Thompson Machinery offers short and long-term rentals of PRINOTH T8s and other off-road work vehicles, so you can keep the equipment you need for as long as the job requires. To learn more about the equipment we have available, visit one of our 11 full-service locations in Tennessee or Mississippi or fill out an online contact form today.

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