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A Customer Support Agreement (CSA) is your opportunity to increase your productivity and lower your owning and operating costs by providing you a customized package of maintenance services. We can provide flexible options that will determine the type of CSA that is right for your business, and have it performed on your equipment at a guaranteed price at an agreed upon time. Our CSA services can be designed for one piece of equipment, or an entire fleet of Cat and non-Cat equipment, regardless of age or application.


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How It Works

A CSA is an agreement between you and us to help you lower your cost per unit of production. You do not have to meet any pre-set requirements or purchase a specific product or service to get a CSA. Every plan is tailored to your individual needs, pay as you go, pay up front or find an arrangement based on your production hours. You can also choose a CSA for one specific piece of equipment or your entire fleet.

Who Uses a CSA?

A CSA with Thompson Machinery is not just for large corporations with a big fleet. Every business needs to get more projects done at a lower cost. You can work with us to determine the best CSA agreement within your price point that maximizes your productivity and drives down operating costs.

Manage your new Cat equipment from the moment of your purchase with a CSA. You can write the agreement as part of the sale or draft it afterward if you realize you need a tool to control costs. We have trained experts on-site who will help you find the best agreement for your needs with the lowest cost per production.

Preventative Maintenance (PM) Program

Our most popular CSA is our on-site Preventive Maintenance (PM) program performed to factory specifications which features:

  • csaGenuine New CAT parts
  • Services performed by trained PM technicians on time
  • Mobile customer site service capabilities
  • EPA compliant waste oil and filter disposal
  • S.O.S. analysis performed on all compartments
  • Machine inspections included with services before failure
  • Higher machine availability with fewer repairs and downtime
  • Lower owning and operating costs
  • Customized plans with flexible payment options
  • Maintenance record tracking of all PM Services, S.O.S results and machine inspection reports

Individual Component Service and Inspection

Some companies decide to use a CSA specifically for their hydraulics. Our individual component service focuses on three areas:

  • Contamination Control
  • S.O.S Fluid Analysis
  • Technical Inspections

Keep an eye on your machines, and keep costs under control with our inspection agreements (or Machinery Analysis Programs). Whether you are operating a single machine or managing a large fleet, we can develop customized inspection programs that minimize downtime and keep your equipment in top shape. Trained technicians perform regularly scheduled inspections.

Benefits of a CSA

You can reap the benefits of a CSA no matter which agreement you choose. Here are a few of the notable benefits of creating a Customer Support Agreement with Thompson Machinery:

  • More time: You wear many hats and deal with parts inventories, service and lube trucks and utility maintenance. We can take some of the load off your shoulders.
  • Early problem detection: You can get your equipment serviced while it’s still running properly. We use advanced diagnostics to identify problems early and schedule repairs — saving you money and time.
  • Longer-running engines: With regular maintenance, the engines in your machines will run longer and more efficiently, allowing you to do more work while saving money.
  • Better planning: When you know your equipment is reliable and will stay that way, you can plan with greater confidence and get better use out of your machines.
  • Multiple locations: We understand that you rarely have all your equipment at one site. We will come to you and service your machines in multiple locations based on where you keep your fleet.
  • Speed and cleanliness: Instead of waiting days or weeks to get your equipment serviced, we make sure our service trucks can complete the job in one trip. Your machines will look as clean as it did upon arrival and work better than ever.
  • Advanced record-keeping: We save you time by keeping records for all the equipment we service. You’ll have access to a full history of any maintenance work we do and fluids analysis lab results.
  • Scheduled maintenance: With a CSA, you no longer have to wait for a service appointment. We offer on-site scheduled maintenance services, so you don’t need to stock filters and other service items. We come equipped with everything you need.

Enjoy Complete Flexibility

One of the most significant benefits of a CSA is the flexibility involved. From the start, you choose exactly what plan you want and what it will cover. For example, you can choose to cover your entire machine or individual machine systems such as your engine, hydraulic or drive train. Choose a CSA that works for your whole fleet or a single piece of equipment. We will even cover non-Cat machines.

A CSA covers machines of any size, age, or application, and even certified or dealer rebuild machines can be included. You can include a fleet you are about to buy, existing equipment or used machines. Thompson Machinery will even cover certified or dealer rebuild machines. We work with you every step of the way to help you develop an individualized plan that makes sense for your business.

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If you’re planning on purchasing new equipment or want to cover your existing fleet, contact Thompson Machinery. Now is your opportunity to start cutting costs and maximizing your productivity.

Our service technicians will take care of a variety of service duties to give you more time to run your business. We are the experts in equipment management, and we will work for you to help your business grow.

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