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Customer Value Agreements:

Choose Your CVA

Basic CVA:
Do It Myself

– Genuine Cat Parts delivered to you

-Fluid health monitoring 

-You perform your own maintenance

Plus CVA:
Do It With Me

– Genuine Cat Parts delivered to you for minor services

-We perform major services

-Planned maintenance inspections

-Fluid health monitoring

Plus CVA:
Do It For Me

– We handle all planned maintenance for you

-Genuine Cat Parts & Fluids delivered to you

-Planned maintenance inspections

-Fluid health monitoring 

What is a Customer Value Agreement (CVA)?

The Cat® Customer Value Agreement (CVA) offers a tailored solution for hassle-free maintenance.  Repairs without hidden fees, parts  shipped to your door, and useful machine insights — we get you what you need, when you need it. It’s all in one plan, and can be part of your one machine payment. You bought a tough machine to make you money. Make it easily with a Customer Value Agreement.  


  • -Proactive Scheduling of planned maintenance events based on machine hours
  • -Tailored Solutions specifically designed to meet your needs, so you won’t overpay  
  • -24/7 Asset Monitoring for improved machine productivity and reliability  
  • -Convenient machine care and protection to keep you working longer  
  • -Portable and Transferable service from trained Cat technicians

The Cat CVA is an effective way to run your machines at peak performance while minimizing the risk, cost, disruption, and loss of revenue caused by unscheduled downtime.  


VisionLink Subscriptions

VisionLink Daily

– Cat Daily data reporting in to Vision Link, once daily  

– More reporting and tracking availability  

– Available on all devices. 

Cat Basic

– Hourly updates from the hardware on the machine  

– Hours, location, and asset utilization tracking  

– Available on all devices

Cat Essentials

– Hourly updates and notification abilities  

– Access to all data from on board ECM’s   

– Only available on Pro and Elite units. 

Condition Monitoring

– A real person monitoring your equipment for vital information and maintenance due  

– Machine information reports daily, weekly, or monthly  

– Communication on any vital notifications sent out by the machine or from other sources

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