Military Makeover: Operation Career

Thompson Machinery Featured on Lifetime’s “Military Makeover: Operation Career”


Knowledgeable employers already know the benefits of hiring military veterans to fill open positions. After all, military service provides veterans with a number of skills, training and experiences that can be beneficial to any company. Yet, despite a strong work ethic and dedication to mission accomplishment, many veterans continue to find it difficult to secure a position in the civilian workforce.

That’s not the case at Thompson Machinery, though, where nearly 14 percent of current employees are military veterans. So, it’s with a great deal of pride on our part that our company is being featured on the nationally acclaimed program, Military Makeover: Operation Career, hosted by renowned talk-show host, Montel Williams. On each episode, Montel spotlights a company that actively recruits and hires veterans.

Scheduled to air at 6:30 A.M.(CST) July 14th on the Lifetime network, the show will feature three former service men who discuss their respective military experience and relate how they have been able to transition into a successful career at Thompson Machinery.

As an example, Carlos Argueta, who currently serves as a Thompson Machinery general mechanic, explains how the company’s Apprenticeship Program helped him transition from a 15-year career with the Army to a career as a successful diesel technician.

As a leader in the heavy equipment industry since 1944, Thompson Machinery is consistently in search of qualified heavy equipment technicians at company locations in Tennessee and Mississippi. Moreover, we consider the employment of military veterans one of the keys to our success and to our record of customer satisfaction.

We understand how military service instills strong values, selfless service, and loyalty — desirable attributes in any employee. However, we also understand the challenge involved in acclimating to corporate culture and matching existing skills to specific requirements. We invite you to tune in, or watch our Military Makeover: Operation Career on YouTube, to see the proof.


Whether you have a degree from a technical college, relative experience from your service in the military, or simply want to learn a new trade, Thompson Machinery has a career for you. We’ll even train you. In just 16 weeks, participants in the Thompson Machinery Apprenticeship Program will learn the basic knowledge and skills needed to become a successful equipment mechanic/technician.

Simply give us a call or go to to learn more!


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