11.9 m³ (15.5 yd³) pin on Light Material Bucket with Bolt-On Cutting Edge


16 yd³
155 in
7,061 lb
96 in
89 in

Use 100% of Your Loader's Power

  • Bucket is sized to load as much material as your machine can carry.
  • Produce more when loading woodchips, bark, sawdust, snow or any other lower-density material.

Move More In Less Time

  • Flat floor fills quickly, and retains well in load and carry.
  • Load more efficiently, as you watch the material flow into the bucket through rear observation windows.
  • Loads equally well on paved and unpaved yards

24/7/365 Versatility

  • A year-round solution - more light material, clear snow. Get more use from your machine.
  • Optional Fusion coupler interface enables quick changes to other buckets or tools as needed.