Track Loaders

Buy Compact Track and Multi-Terrain Loaders in MS and TN

Buying a compact track loader or other compact construction equipment in TN can be a smart investment for a growing business. Owning your own equipment helps you control the jobs you can accept and gives you flexibility to operate when and where’s best for your company.

Thompson Machinery offers a variety of multi-terrain loaders throughout TN and MS. Purchasing brand-new machinery can help you get the special financing and warranty options you need to protect your equipment. And brand-new equipment is the best way to protect your people.

If you’re in need of used equipment or want to try before you buy, you can rest assured that all of the CAT® equipment we stock has been fully serviced so that engines, transmissions, hydraulics and other mission-critical parts are above standards.

973K Track Loader

Flywheel Power
275 hp
Operating Weight
63,900 lb
Capacity - General Purpose
4 yd3

Finding the Right Track Loaders for You

One reason Thompson Machinery stocks a wide selection of multi-terrain loaders and compact track loaders is that they’re among the most versatile machines on almost any job site. One machine can save you money by giving you a single cost to handle all of your digging, backfilling, clearing, carrying, grading work and more.

Your steel track loader options, such as the CAT 963K Track Loader, feature reduced ground pressure compared to similar models, so you have better traction and less damage to softer grounds. This model also delivers up to 30% improved fuel efficiency compared to older models and top competitor loaders.

If your operations focus on a shiphold and other tight spaces, you might be best served by one of our many port-handling options. Relying on a Track-Type Loader will help you achieve the most maneuverability and top traction while maintaining loader arm reach and stability. Or you can specialize with units like the CAT 938M Waste Handler, which is perhaps the most versatile and used piece of equipment in the landfill and for cleanups.

Thompson Machinery is the exclusive Caterpillar® dealer for Middle Tennessee, West Tennessee and North Mississippi (ManchesterClarksville,  Nashville, Memphis, CookevilleJacksonCamden- Tennesse; GreenwoodTupelo,  Columbus - Mississippi). That means you don’t need to look any further to buy compact track loaders or other compact construction equipment in TN. We’re also the top multi-terrain loader provider in TN and MS.

Why Choose Caterpillar and Thompson Machinery?

CAT compact track and multi-terrain loaders offer you best-in-class versatility and stability over a wide range of terrains and job sites. With a focus on flotation, traction and stability, CAT’s loaders utilize a suspended, rubber track undercarriage to keep rides smooth and operations secure.

Tennessee has one home for the best compact construction equipment, no matter where you side on the skid-steer wheels versus tracks debate for compact loaders.

Click below to learn more about these powerhouses from Caterpillar and how your staff can enjoy an easier operation, see significant performance improvements due to superior engines and save money through operational efficiency improvements.

Be sure to ask your Thompson expert about new model efficiencies, available warranties and what’s best for your specific task.