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Thompson Machinery is your trusted source for the new K560 and K760 Weiler knuckleboom loaders, and the exclusive Weiler dealer for Middle Tennessee, West Tennessee and North Mississippi. We leverage over 75 years of industry experience to make sure you get the right machine and get the most from your workday and your operating budget. Compare each knuckleboom loader to learn more, and be sure to view the optional upgrades available.

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The new Weiler K560 and K760 knuckleboom loaders each deliver an impressive 173 horsepower (129 kW) and have a maximum reach of 32 feet. Both machines fold into maneuverable sizes for transport, with a stowed width of 8 feet 6 inches, a height of 13 feet 3 inches and a length of 52 feet and 1 inch. These machines are made for long operating cycles and come with large-capacity 100-gallon fuel tanks as standard components.

These knuckleboom loaders also have features that set them apart:


K560 Weiler KnuckleboomerThe K560 knuckleboom loader weighs in at 33,800 pounds and delivers a maximum swing torque of 79,173 pound-feet with a fast 11 RPM swing speed. Its hydraulic system supports performance through multifunctioning capabilities to lift, swing, and rotate the grapple. The hydraulic system is also durable to withstand the stress of heavy side-to-side movements during the workday. The loader’s foot pedals and joysticks are precise to give the operator superior feedback, helping them have smooth movements and fine control.

During operation, the driver can select one of three operating modes. Each maintains consistent system pressure, which promotes a high lift capacity and swing torque. These modes meet unique consumption and production requirements.


Weiler K760 KnuckleboomerThe K670 knuckleboom loader is a heavy-duty machine with excellent hydraulics and fuel-efficient performance. The performance can also be precisely controlled through the operator’s joysticks and foot pedals. These controls smoothly move the machine for a superior feel. This machine provides 73,800 pound-feet of torque, a swing speed of 9.5 RPMs, and has an optional 1,440-pound counterweight. The K670 weighs 38,500 pounds.

This knuckleboom loader model also has three operating modes that meet production and fuel consumption requirements. Each mode maintains a consistent system pressure, equalizing the lift capacity and swing torque to enhance performance. The hydraulic system and components are durable and will last through the strenuous movements required in day-to-day work. Maintenance is simple since the engine, pilot, case drain filters, fuel, and oil fill pump are accessible from the ground level.


This equipment comes straight from the factory as a fully-integrated trailer and delimbing package ready for use. Both of these knuckleboom loaders deliver industry-leading performance and are purpose-built to handle the toughest logging applications. These machines set the standard in the forestry and logging industries, and they offer a long list of advantages, including:

Fuel-efficient PerformanceFuel-efficient performance

The new Weiler K560 and K760 knuckleboom loaders both come with fuel-efficient Cat® C4.4 engines. With three operating modes to choose from, you can maximize your resources without interrupting your lift, torque or grappling capabilities.


Comfortable operator cabsComfortable operator cabs

These machines have enclosed, high-visibility operator cabs that are both comfortable and quiet. The cabs have a range of upgrades to help you stay more productive on the job, including a high-capacity HVAC system, AM/FM Bluetooth radio and high-back seat as standard features.


Improved handling and durabilityImproved handling and durability

These machines are made for heavy-duty side-to-side delimbing applications and have responsive operator controls. The K560 and K760 each feature the most durable hydraulics systems ever included in a knuckleboom loader and come with a boom and supporting structures designed for rugged use.


Simplified maintenance accessSimplified maintenance access

Weiler knuckleboom loaders are designed to help you limit your downtime with ground-level access to all fluids and maintenance compartments. These knuckleboom loaders for sale come ready for integration with Cat ProductLink™ fleet management software to help you gain even more control over your machine.



At Thompson Machinery, we carry the complete lineup of the latest Weiler Forestry equipment, and we can help you find a new knuckleboom loader that matches your unique requirements. To learn more about our equipment solutions, visit our location nearest you or send us a message today.

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