Wheel Feller Bunchers for Sale

If you run a logging or forestry operation in Middle Tennessee, West Tennessee or North Mississippi, Thompson Machinery is your home for the equipment solutions you need. We are your exclusive source for the latest Weiler forestry equipment for sale, including the new B570 and B670 wheel feller bunchers. View each product below to get more information and to see which of these reliable machines best matches your requirements.

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The new Weiler wheel feller bunchers come with Cat® C7.1 Tier 4 Final engines and sit on Cat HD axles approved to handle oversized tires. These durable machines can help you become more productive and gain more efficient use of your resources, with standout features including:


B570 Wheeler Feller BuncherThe B570 is a 203-horsepower (151 kW) machine that weighs 39,120 pounds in the base model. It runs on the PowerDirect Plus system that efficiently drives power to where the operator demands, improving capacity, and travel power. During operation, the engine and hydraulics will stay cool with a field-proven cooling system.

This machine has a 110-inch wheelbase and provides 19.4 inches of ground clearance using the standard tires. The B570 model has a low center of gravity for excellent stability in all terrains. Its short wheelbase and stability lend to excellent application versatility. Operators can use the B570 wheel feller buncher from the first thinning through the final fell. This versatility is also supported by simple serviceability that will keep the machine clean and operational.


B670 Feller BuncherIf you are looking for a larger machine, the B670 delivers a whopping 241 horsepower (180 kW). This machine uses this power efficiently through the PowerDirect Plus system, which directs the power where the operator needs it. Its oversized hydraulic pumps increase the overall capacity and improve saw recovery and travel power. In addition to the controls, the operator will also be comfortable with a spacious, sound-blocking cab. A powerful HVAC system sets the right temperature, and rearview cameras assist with visibility.

This feller buncher provides 23.4 inches of ground clearance with bigger standard tires and weighs 42,143 pounds. Its low center of gravity keeps the B670 wheel feller buncher stable. This stability means the machine has excellent cut and carry capabilities to improve skidder efficiency and build large, easy-to-reach bundles. Not to mention, maintenance is simple with accessible service points.


The new Weiler wheel feller bunchers are unmatched in the marketplace and represent the latest in forestry equipment innovation. These machines come factory-equipped with fully-integrated sawblades and provide a list of advantages to help you become more productive and save on your overhead costs. This new forestry equipment for sale offers multiple benefits for any size logging or forestry operation, including:

Improved ComfortImproved comfort

These machines have comfortable and quiet operator cabs with premium seating, extended legroom, total-cab HVAC systems and a rearview camera all as standard features.


Patented HydraulicsPatented hydraulics

Using the patented PowerDirect Plus hydraulics system, these feller bunchers provide significant overall hauling capacity, enhanced saw recovery and improved travel power.


Durable DesignDurable design

Weiler wheel feller bunchers have heavy-duty frames equipped with integrated steering mounts for improved machine control, and a hitch proven to withstand the toughest applications.


Reliable StabilityReliable stability

The new Weiler Forestry wheel feller bunchers have a low center of gravity, short wheelbase and a patented transverse-mounted engine that all work together to provide excellent stability.


Exceptional ServiceabilityExceptional serviceability

The B570 and B670 have pressurized hydraulic systems, engine compartments and after treatment compartments designed to keep debris out, and ground-level maintenance points to minimize downtime.


Superior VersatilityStart-to-finish versatility

With powerful Cat engines as standard equipment, maneuverable chassis design and stable operation over uneven terrain, these machines deliver seamless transitions from first thinnings to felling the final tree.



Thompson Machinery is your local partner for Weiler Forestry equipment sales and service in North Mississippi, Middle Tennessee, and West Tennessee. Our skilled representatives have the experience and training to help you choose the right model wheel feller buncher with your preferred optional upgrades built-in straight from the factory. To get a look at one of these machines, visit your closest Thompson Machinery location or contact a representative, and we will get back to you fast.

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