Wheel Skidders for Sale

Wheel skidders are essential for moving large timbers and biomass in logging and forestry applications, and Thompson Machinery is your source for the latest models from Weiler Forestry. We are the exclusive Weiler dealer for Middle Tennessee, West Tennessee, and North Mississippi. Our team of experts has the industry knowledge and experience to help you determine which model and optional upgrades are ideally suited to help you gain the most benefit from your machine.

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The new Weiler wheel skidders all have an advanced Cat® C7.1 engine that meets EPA Tier 4 Final standards, and excellent power ratings that vary by model. These machines all have an improved transmission, upgraded axles and updated electronics. A Powershift lock-up torque converter provides improved pulling capability, and these wheel skidders all use Cat HD axles suitable for use with the optional oversize tires to give you up to 2.4 inches of additional ground clearance.

Our new Weiler wheel skidders for sale include the:

Weiler Forestry skidder 250S250

The S250 is a 203 horsepower (151 kW) wheel skidder with an 83.2-gallon fuel tank, 21.7-inches of ground clearance and 45,357-pound standard weight. This machine has an HD box grapple with an opening of 126.2 inches and a capacity of 14.4 square feet. The attached biomass grapple has a 136.3-inch maximum grapple opening and provides up to 15.7 square feet of capacity.

Weiler Forestry skidder 350S350

The S350 has a 225 horsepower (168 kW) engine and a larger, 99.8-gallon fuel tank. This machine also has 21.7 inches of ground clearance but weighs slightly more at 45,888 pounds. The standard box grapple opening and capacity are 127 inches and 16.6 square feet, respectively, and the biomass grapple opens to a maximum of 145 inches to deliver up to 18 square-feet of capacity.

Weiler Forestry skidder 450S450

With an engine rated for 250 horsepower (186 kW), the S450 is the second-most powerful Weiler wheel skidder available and valuable addition to your fleet. This 48,333-pound machine provides 24.1 inches of ground clearance on the equipped tires. The S450 has a respectable 135-inch box and 150-inch biomass grapple opening with corresponding capacities of 19 and 20.8 square feet.

Wheel Skidder 550S550

At 49,336 pounds, the S550 is the largest Weiler wheel skidder and with a 275 horsepower (205 kW) engine, also the most powerful. This machine efficiently clears obstacles over two feet, and you can upgrade yours with larger tires for up to 26.5 inches of total ground clearance. The HD box grapple has a 148.8-inch opening and significant 22 square-foot capacity. The biomass grapple opens to 155 inches and has 23.8 square-feet of capacity.


At Thompson Machinery, we have over seven decades of experience in the business. We are your source for new Weiler Forestry equipment and your partner for the lifetime of your machine. To view these machines and see what else they can do, stop by your local dealer, or contact us online, and we will reach out to you soon.

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