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cat Batteries for SaleBatteries play a crucial role in the reliable performance of your heavy equipment. A high-quality battery ensures your machines will start when you need them and helps keep them running through all types of working and weather conditions.

If you’re in Middle Tennessee, West Tennessee or North Mississippi, trust Thompson Machinery to have the high-performing batteries you need to keep your equipment on the job and productive. We’ve been the region’s trusted heavy equipment solutions provider since 1944 due to our commitment to offering high-quality products backed by exceptional service.

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We Offer Cat® Batteries for Sale

As an authorized Cat® dealer for several decades, Thompson Machinery specializes in selling and servicing equipment from Caterpillar, the industry’s most well-known and respected brand. We also carry a full selection of high-quality replacement parts to keep your fleet performing well and maximize its longevity.

Our expansive parts inventory includes several battery options for all types of Cat and non-Cat equipment.

Heavy Duty

If you need a battery that delivers a little more “juice,” Cat HD products last up to three times longer than competing models. They also perform well in equipment that routinely navigates rough terrain. These batteries passed the demanding 100-hour vibration test, demonstrating their ability to withstand the rigors of these intense operating environments.

Cat HD batteries exceed industry standards in other stringent tests, including cold soak, heavy-duty life cycle, 30-day complete discharge and 72-hour deep discharge/recharge cycle. They also achieve stellar ratings in reserve capacity and cold-cranking amps.

General Duty

Cat General Service Line (GSL) batteries offer a practical power solution for various automotive, commercial and light-duty industrial applications and equipment. They fit everything from boats and buses to agricultural machines, recreational vehicles, lawn tractors and industrial machinery. Choose from 6-volt, 8-volt and 12-volt models to meet your unique power and performance requirements.

GSL batteries are available in low-maintenance and maintenance-free versions and dry and wet configurations. Choose from multiple group sizes, including various BCI and DIN (European automotive) options.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Cat batteries can do more than provide power for moving machinery. Cat uninterruptible power supply (UPS) batteries protect your sensitive computer and manufacturing equipment from potentially catastrophic data losses after sudden power disruptions or fluctuations. They serve as a reliable backup power source for hospitals, data centers and other operating environments where keeping the electricity flowing is crucial.

Cat UPS batteries have a 10-year design life, ensuring reliable, long-lasting performance. They’ll also help your power generators comply with the NFPA 110 standards. These batteries undergo more than 250 quality control checks to verify the accuracy of their capacity ratings required for standby power systems. You can install them in your mission-critical equipment and enjoy increased peace of mind.

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You can order batteries and other parts online 24 hours a day at Parts.Cat.Com. or by contacting the Thompson Machinery location near you for friendly, personalized assistance. You can also arrange to pick your parts up at one of the conveniently located drop boxes.

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