Cat Belts for Construction Equipment

Caterpillar engine with belt Your heavy equipment depends on its belts to ensure smooth, efficient and productive operation. Belts evenly distribute power between different parts of your machine and engine to promote its overall functionality and longevity. Over time and with regular use, these belts may experience wear and tear that limits their ability to keep your heavy equipment in prime working condition.

Thompson Machinery offers the quality replacement belts your equipment needs. Since 1944, we’ve helped businesses in Middle Tennessee, West Tennessee and North Mississippi improve their machinery’s effectiveness with expert equipment solutions. We have you covered when it comes to finding the right belt for your machine’s specifications.

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Types of Belts

As the region’s exclusive Cat® dealer, Thompson Machinery carries a selection of Cat belts suited to your equipment’s needs. Cat machines can use several different typesof belts.

Our Cat belt types include:

  • V-belts: Also known as drive belts, V-belts transfer power throughout your equipment. They help with several operations, such as power steering and air conditioning. Machines often have multiple V-belts throughout the engine.
  • Serpentine belts: These belts are long, wide and grooved. They work within a pulley system to distribute power throughout your machine. They help your equipment accomplish essential tasks by delivering power efficiently and quickly.
  • Cogged belts: A cogged belt has perpendicular slots to help reduce its bending resistance. These belts run cool and last long, providing durability and reliable performance.

Benefits of High-Quality Cat Belts

Genuine Cat belts offer several advantages, including:

  • Improved alignment: Proper belt alignment ensures a long life for your equipment and its various components.
  • Greater traction: Cat belts provide more traction and less slippage, resulting in longer life and greater efficiency.

Why Choose Thompson Machinery?

Thompson Machinery is a one-stop shop for all your heavy equipment needs. We provide products and services to help you maximize your machinery investment and improve your job site productivity. When you work with our team, you’ll gain access to:

  • Heavy equipment specialists: Our team has extensive experience working with Cat equipment and parts, so you can trust us to help you find the belts you need.
  • Top-quality components: Caterpillar offers innovative belt technology that has been tested to ensure ideal speed, traction and longevity while preventing slippage and alignment issues.
  • Simplified ordering: Our user-friendly ordering platform makes it easy to purchase the belts you need 24/7. You can even arrange to pick up your parts at one of our drop box locations to enjoy greater convenience.

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Thompson Machinery stocks the belts you need to improve the function and efficiency of your Cat equipment. Order parts online today to experience the benefits for yourself. Our team is available to assist you with any questions, so contact us online or call us at 800-228-3644.

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