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Cat ElectronicsModern heavy equipment relies on innovative technology to meet evolving job site demands. Your machinery’s electronic parts are vital to its long-lasting performance and operational safety, so it’s essential to repair and replace them as needed.

If you need reliable replacement electronic parts, come to Thompson Machinery. We’ve provided expert heavy equipment services and quality products since 1944. We’ve enabled businesses throughout Middle Tennessee, West Tennessee and North Mississippi to maximize their machinery investments and increase profitability.

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Our Electronic Parts Inventory

Thompson Machinery is the region’s exclusive Cat® dealer, bringing you the genuine Cat parts you need to keep your equipment in top-performing shape. We carry a wide variety of electronic components to help you maintain the highest levels of productivity and safety.

Our inventory includes:

  • Circuit breakers and fuses: We carry various breaker and fuse assemblies along with individual parts to match your model’s specifications.
  • Condition monitoring: Explore our selection of radios and accessories, configuration packages, hardware, and various assemblies.
  • Connectors and terminals: Make secure, reliable electrical connections with one of our connector or terminal products.
  • Controls: Select the handle, joystick, knob or pedal assembly and other accompanying control components your equipment requires.
  • Displays: We supply cameras, monitors, temperature control products and various other display assemblies to improve your visibility and safety.
  • Gauges: Indicators, meters and other measurement displays are a part of our extensive gauge inventory.
  • Generator components: Keep your generator in optimal working condition with one of our electronic generator components.
  • Harnesses and wires: Choose the harness or wire assembly that best suits your equipment’s specifications.
  • Horns and alarms: We carry several types of horns and alarm systems to help you ensure job site safety and visibility.
  • Motors: Browse our selection of motor parts and assemblies to find the right fit for your needs.
  • Switches: Maintain your equipment with help from our wide selection of switch assemblies and accompanying parts.

Your One-Stop Shop for Heavy Equipment Needs

Thompson Machinery offers the parts and services you need to meet your job site’s unique demands. We offer comprehensive heavy equipment solutions that enable you to improve machinery performance.

When you partner with us, you can experience benefits such as:

  • Technical expertise: Our team has extensive experience working with Cat equipment and parts. You can depend on us to offer the knowledgeable services you need to get the most out of your machinery.
  • Convenient ordering: You can order electrical components online 24/7. Opt for quick delivery or pick up your parts from one of our convenient drop box locations.
  • Quality products: We carry genuine Cat electrical parts to ensure reliability. These quality products from Caterpillar can help extend equipment life and increase productivity.

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Keep your Cat equipment running efficiently when you order electronic parts online today! If you have further questions about our inventory or services, contact our team or call us at 800-228-3644.

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