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Cat filters for saleHeavy equipment like bulldozers, excavators, backhoe loaders and motor graders must perform well in challenging environments. Constant exposure to dust, dirt and debris can infiltrate a machine’s vital components and eventually cause significant damage. Proper filtration is essential for keeping your equipment’s inner workings clean and maximizing its useful life.

Construction companies and other businesses that rely on heavy equipment in Middle Tennessee, West Tennessee and North Mississippi have a reliable source for high-quality filters nearby. Thompson Machinery can supply the right products for your machines and back them with top-notch service and support.

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Your Source for Cat® Filters

Thompson Machinery is the region’s exclusive dealer for Cat® equipment. Caterpillar has been synonymous with heavy equipment excellence for nearly a century because of the company’s unwavering commitment to quality, innovation and safety.

The Thompson Machinery parts location near you can supply your business with all the filters you need to keep your equipment on the job and performing well.

Engine Oil Filters

These high-performing filters help you maintain maximum engine and oil cleanliness, enhance protection and stay on schedule with oil changes. They work in tandem with Cat fluids to optimize engine performance and minimize unproductive downtime.

Thompson Machinery offers three levels of engine oil filters:

  • Standard efficiency: These products provide a cost-effective filtration solution for normal usage patterns and operating environments.
  • Advanced efficiency: This filtration line offers increased contamination control without sacrificing dirt-holding capacity and helps meet stricter emissions requirements for newer equipment.
  • Ultra-high efficiency: Use these filters for optimal contamination control and as a clean-out product after service work.

Air Filters

Air filters capture minute contamination particles from the external environment before they reach your equipment’s components. They also help to create a cleaner, healthier workspace inside the cab for equipment operators.

Two types of Cat engine air filters are available:

  • Standard efficiency: Choose standard air filters for normal-duty applications to help prevent equipment downtime.
  • Ultra-high efficiency: Use this product for operating situations requiring an increased level of filtration and dirt-holding capacity.

Available cabin filter options include:

  • Standard efficiency: These filters work well for keeping soot, dust, dirt and other debris out of the cab in normal operating conditions.
  • High efficiency: Consider this filter option to protect operators in extremely dusty environments.
  • Activated carbon: This filter material offers a fast absorption rate to remove nose, throat and eye irritants and eliminate odors.
  • Lower restriction: These filters help to improve cab airflow while providing a filtration capacity similar to a standard efficiency product.

Hydraulic Filters

Minimizing contamination is crucial for prolonging the life of your equipment’s hydraulic system and power train components. Caterpillar manufactures several high-quality hydraulic filters to accomplish this task:

  • Standard efficiency: Use these filters in light- and medium-duty applications to maintain system cleanliness and maximize performance.
  • Advanced efficiency: Get extra protection against contaminants and abrasives in high-pressure hydraulic systems.
  • Ultra-high efficiency: These filters deliver excellent contamination retention while maintaining high-capacity performance.
  • Fire-resistant ultra-high efficiency: This filtration product includes media that stands up against fire-resistant hydraulic fluid.

Transmission Filters

Cat transmission filters contain synthetic media that provides high-level filtration performance and prevents pressure drops. They also help prevent cold start bypass while keeping the transmission at the appropriate cleanliness level to maximize performance and longevity.

Fuel Filters and Water Separators

Cat fuel filters capture smaller contaminant particles that can damage engine components, fuel injectors and fuel pumps. These solutions help you keep dust, dirt, sand, pollen and other materials out of your equipment’s fuel system.

Water separators prevent rust from accumulating inside the fuel system by removing all free water and most emulsified water and capturing larger debris particles.

Air Cleaners

Cat standard-efficiency air cleaners can remove dirt, soot and other contaminants from all Cat equipment models in normal filtration environments by preventing those particles from entering the engine intake. Use them as part of a cleaner group that also includes primary and secondary filter elements, brackets, dust valves and a cover assembly.

Order Filters and Other Parts From a Trusted Supplier

Thompson Machinery has served the region’s heavy equipment needs since 1944. We offer a full selection of filters and everything else you need to keep your fleet in peak operating condition. Enjoy the convenience of ordering parts and components online 24 hours a day and picking them up at a drop box near you. You can also contact the store for personalized assistance.

Explore your options for quality Cat filters today. Call us at 800-228-3644, or contact our team online if you have questions.

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