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Cat Fluids for saleYour Cat® equipment relies on various fluids to keep the engine and other components running smoothly and maximize their life span. Choosing the right fluids based on factors like machine type, usage patterns and operating conditions is crucial for optimal performance and longevity.

Cat equipment owners throughout Middle Tennessee, West Tennessee and North Mississippi can turn to the experts at Thompson Machinery for all their replacement parts and components, including these vital fluids. Trust us to have the right product for your machine model at a competitive price. We’ll also deliver the top-notch service and support that have been the hallmark of our company since 1944.

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About Our Cat® Fluids Selection

As the region’s authorized Cat dealer, Thompson Machinery is your exclusive headquarters for Cat machine sales and service. We are a fourth-generation family-owned business, and our team understands the unique challenges that equipment owners face and what it takes to manage them effectively.

We’re pleased to offer multiple fluid options for your Cat equipment, regardless of the year or model.


Oil is the lifeblood of your machines’ engines and many other components. Caterpillar manufactures an entire family of oils to improve performance and efficiency. These fluids also enable your equipment to achieve its highest productivity levels while lowering your maintenance costs.

Oils are available for diesel and natural gas engines, gears, hydraulic system components, transmissions, axles and final drives. You’ll also find an assortment of specialty oils, including various grades of synthetic, compactor, stroke engine and multipurpose tractor oil (MTO) products. Oil additives are available for enhanced fluid performance and longevity.

All Cat oils consist of high-quality refined-oil base stocks and additives to ensure superior performance in engines and components. Caterpillar has developed them specifically for Cat machines to optimize results. The company also conducts field tests to validate the fluids’ real-world performance, enabling you to use them in your equipment with complete confidence.


Caterpillar produces a proprietary line of greases to provide a more reliable lubrication alternative to less effective aftermarket products. These greases feature a unique formula designed to prevent corrosion, reduce scarring and prevent seizing. They also minimize water and saltwater washout.

The Cat grease categories include:

  • Multipurpose: Cat utility and prime application greases perform well for general lubrication applications in moderate climates. They’re compatible with various equipment types, providing the flexibility to use them with most of the machines in your fleet.
  • Premium: These high-performing greases deliver excellent results in moderate and extremely hot and cold climates. A range of options ensures you receive the lubrication you need, even in desert and arctic environments.
  • Specialty: Caterpillar also produces a line of greases for specific components in your equipment to maximize long-term performance and reliability. Examples include hammer paste, white assembly, high vacuum, ball bearing and open gear lubricant (OGL).


Coolants provide the essential benefits of protecting engine blocks and cylinder heads against damage from freezing, overheating and corrosion. The Cat coolant lineup includes conventional products for most diesel and natural gas engines that operate in normal conditions. Extended-life coolants and inhibitors are also available to contribute to a longer component life span.

Thompson Machinery can also supply Cat additives like extenders and conditioners to maximize coolant performance and cleaners for flushing cooling systems quickly and efficiently. Test kits with coolant strips are available to assess the quality of your fluids and help you determine whether it’s time to change them.

Why Partner With Thompson Machinery for Cat Fluids?

When you choose us for fluids and other essential equipment parts and components, you get:

  • Huge inventory: Our goal is to fill every need, whether you’re looking for solutions for one machine or an entire fleet.
  • Unmatched technical expertise: Our decades of experience and extensive knowledge of Cat products enable us to recommend the right fluids for every machine in your fleet.
  • Easy ordering process: Cat fluids are available for purchase 24 hours a day at Parts.Cat.Com. You can place your order from the office, at the job site or wherever you are.
  • Convenient pickup and delivery options: Many of our customers take advantage of our drop boxes located throughout our operating territory to pick up parts orders at their convenience. You can also get what you need at the store.

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Ensure your equipment has all the fluids you need to keep your fleet on the job and extend its useful life. Order high-quality products from Thompson Machinery today. Call us at 800-228-3644 or contact us online to learn more. You can also visit a store near you for in-person assistance.

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