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Cat GETYour earthmoving equipment operates in tough conditions, leading to wear and tear on various components. Cat® ground-engaging tools (GET) can increase your machine’s life, productivity and value, enabling you to maximize your investment. The right GET can protect your buckets, ripper shanks, blades and other machine components for long-lasting performance.

Since 1944, Thompson Machinery has provided the heavy equipment solutions businesses like yours have needed to improve productivity and profitability on the job site. Our GET selection and technical expertise can help you experience greater efficiency for all your digging, excavating and grading needs.

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Our Ground-Engaging Tools

We offer a variety of Cat GET to meet the needs of your equipment, from excavators and dozers to rippers and scrapers. Our ground-engaging tools include:

  • Edge protection: These tools can protect your equipment’s buckets by reducing general wear and increasing durability and life span.
  • Adapters: A versatile tool, an adapter can support different tip penetration degrees for several machines, including excavators, scrapers and loaders.
  • Ripper protection: Our ripper protection tools work to optimize your machine’s ripping system.
  • Cutting edges: Select a curved or flat cutting edge with the size, shape and thickness to best accommodate your application.
  • Sidebar protection: These tools can strengthen the bucket’s structural integrity while reducing wear and impact for extended equipment life.
  • Tips: We offer multiple sizes and shapes of bucket teeth — find tools that deliver the strength, durability and shock absorption you need.
  • Wear protection: Choose from a variety of wear protection parts, including plates, blocks, bolt protectors and roil protectors, to prevent damage to your equipment’s components.

How Thompson Machinery Can Help

At Thompson Machinery, we are committed to your success and satisfaction. We’ll help you find the right GET for your equipment so you can maximize performance and increase profitability.

When you partner with us, you’ll enjoy benefits like:

  • Quality parts: Caterpillar manufactures parts with premier materials and manufacturing processes, ensuring every component provides the durability and reliable performance you expect. Even if your GET breaks during normal operations, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing we can replace it at no charge under warranty.
  • Expert assistance: With extensive Cat GET knowledge, our team will enable you to make informed decisions that ensure optimal performance and protection for your equipment.
  • Easy ordering: You can quickly order your parts online at any time of the day on our user-friendly portal. We also have several drop box locations throughout the area to make picking up your order convenient.

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Maximize your equipment’s performance with GET designed for your exact model. Order your GET today to experience the benefits of high-quality tools and parts. You can also contact us online or call us at 800-228-3644 to discuss your heavy equipment needs.

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