Recognizing our 2021 ThinkBIG Graduates

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and safety regulations, there was only a “drive through” graduation ceremony for the 2021 ThinkBIG graduates at South Georgia Technical College.  However, Thompson Machinery and other supporting CAT dealers, along with the faculty, decided that these students deserved to be recognized, honored, and celebrated for their great achievement.  Therefore, last month, 36 students gathered and were honored for their accomplishments, as they have earned the AAS (Associate of Applied Science) degree in CAT Heavy Equipment Technology.  Thompson Machinery is proud to introduce seven of our own students who graduated from the ThinkBIG program as part of the class of 2021.  The following students have successfully completed all requirements:

• Benjamin Ellis – Valedictorian, Earthmoving
• Bryson Glenn
• Carson Palmer
• Jarad May
• Perry Malone
• Mathew Jones
• Zach Ramey – Valedictorian, EPG (Electric Power Generation)
“During the ceremony, it was one of the most humbling educational moments of my life to be able to introduce TWO Valedictorians from the same cohort. Ben and Zack both earned top honors….. Pretty cool!,” states Thompson Machinery Training Manager, Tony Tice.
Congratulations 2021 ThinkBIG grads! We are so proud, and cannot wait to see all of the great things they will do. 
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