Boom Lift Rental

Renting aerial lift equipment from Thompson Machinery gives you incredible flexibility not only with the type of lifts you can rent but also for how long. No matter the job at hand, you will need the correct type of aerial platform to guarantee safety and efficiency. In the case where you opt for the wrong kind, it can slow down your operations and put your workers at risk.

At Thompson Machinery, we help you determine the best equipment for your situation. With 11 rental locations across Mississippi and Tennessee, we provide reliable and convenient lifts, whether you need to rent an electric, articulating or towable boom lift.

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Why Rent a Boom Lift?

With the freedom to choose a particular machine that may not already be in your fleet, you can work with us as we offer rentals with different performance characteristics like height, control, reach, load rating and platform size. The environment in which you work can also play a role. Some designs are perfect for smooth indoor floors and others for rough outdoor terrain.

Renting equipment from Thompson Machinery allows you to test machines before buying and even assists in emergency equipment breakdowns. Our boom lift solutions help you stay on schedule. We service and maintain each boom lift rental, so you can have peace of mind when selecting a machine that matches your elevation requirements and terrain. Your boom lift is ready to work as soon as it reaches the jobsite, and it can support industries such as warehouses, construction, government, retail, and manufacturing.

We offer various fuel sources that include propane, diesel, gas and electric, and you can rent your machine as needed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Types of Boom Lifts Thompson Machinery Provides

When you need to get your crews in the air, you can rely on Thompson Machinery’s rentals for safe and efficient maneuvering. Our services even help you avoid the maintenance costs that come with owning equipment, too. If you are searching for an articulating boom lift rental check out our inventory of equipment.

Two versions of boom lifts include the articulated and telescopic. Articulated lifts can extend vertically and horizontally, while telescopic machines only have a straight boom. Each type performs similar tasks to a standard boom lift, but they are more convenient to transfer between work sites.

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Articulated Boom Lifts

Articulated boom lift rentals from Thompson Machinery include electric and rough terrain models to suit your project’s specifications. The lifts are ideal for reaching over high barriers because they have multiple boom sections. The different parts help workers articulate in several directions to allow for proper access. Articulated boom lifts for rent are ideal for confined workspaces and indoor use because of their excellent maneuverability.

We offer the following models:

(Platform Capacity)
Machine WidthMachine Weight
JLG - 450AJDiesel45'550 lb.93"12650 lb.
Genie - Z-45/25 RTDiesel45' 10"500 lb.90"13400 lb.
Genie - Z-45 XCDiesel45' 6"660/1000 lb.90"16360 lb.
Genie - Z-45/25J RTDiesel45' 6"500 lb.90"13500 lb.
JLG - 600ADiesel60' 5"500/1000 lb.98"21640 lb.
JLG - 600ANDiesel60' 5"500/1000 lb.84"24100 lb.
JLG - 600AJDiesel60' 7"500 lb.98"22740 lb.
JLG - 600AJNDiesel60' 7"500 lb.84"24200 lb.
Genie - Z-62/40Diesel61' 11"500 lb.98"22665 lb.
Skyjack - SJ63 AJDiesel63' 7"500 lb.96"21200 lb.
Genie - Z-80/60Diesel78'500 lb.98"37500 lb.
JLG - 800ADiesel80'500/1000 lb.98"34130 lb.
JLG - 800AJDiesel80'500 lb.98"34130 lb.
Genie - Z-45 XCDual Fuel45' 6"660/1000 lb.90"16360 lb.
JLG - 600ADual Fuel60' 5"500/1000 lb.98"21640 lb.
JLG - 600ANDual Fuel60' 5"500/1000 lb.84"24100 lb.
JLG - 600AJDual Fuel60' 7"500 lb.98"22740 lb.
JLG - 600AJNDual Fuel60' 7"500 lb.84"24200 lb.
Genie - Z-62/40Dual Fuel61' 11"500 lb.98"22665 lb.
Genie - Z-62/40JDual Fuel61' 11"500 lb.98"22665 lb.
Skyjack - SJ63 AJDual Fuel63' 7"500 lb.96"21200 lb.
JLG - 740AJDual Fuel74'500 lb.98"36200 lb.
Genie - Z-80/60Dual Fuel78'500 lb.98"37500 lb.
JLG - 800ADual Fuel80'500/1000 lb.98"34130 lb.
JLG - 800AJDual Fuel80'500 lb.98"34130 lb.
Genie - Z-60/37 J FEElec/Diesel59' 7"500 lb.98"17100 lb.
JLG - X600AJElec/Gasoline59' 3"500 lb.31"6571 lb.
Genie - Z-30/20N RJ DCElectric29' 2"500 lb.46"14220 lb.
JLG - E300AJPElectric29' 5"500 lb.48"15400 lb.
Skyjack - SJ30 AJRE Electric29' 6"500 lb.4712320 lb.
Skyjack - SJ30 AJEElectric29' 9"500 lb.4712320 lb.
Genie - Z-30/20 NElectric30'500 lb.46"14170 lb.
Genie - Z-30/20N DCElectric30'500 lb.46"14170 lb.
JLG - E300AJElectric30' 2"500 lb.48"15060 lb.
Genie - Z-33/18Electric32' 10"440 lb.59"8080 lb.
Genie - Z-34/22 DCElectric34' 6"500 lb.68"11000 lb.
Genie - Z-34/22N DCElectric34' 6"500 lb.59"11400 lb.
JLG - E400AJPElectric40'500 lb.69"13700 lb.
JLG - E400AJPNElectric40'500 lb.59"14900 lb.
JLG - E400ANElectric40'500 lb.59"13100 lb.
Genie - Z-40/23N DCElectric40.5'500 lb.59"15230 lb.
Genie - Z-40/23N RJ DCElectric40.5'500 lb.59"15300 lb.
JLG - E450AElectric45'500 lb.69"12600 lb.
JLG - E450AJElectric45'500 lb.69"14400 lb.
Genie - Z-45/25 DCElectric45' 9"500 lb.70.3"16300 lb.
Genie - Z-45/25J DCElectric45' 9"500 lb.70.3"16300 lb.

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Straight Boom Lifts

Straight mast booms lifts are also known as telescopic booms lifts. The models we have for rent range from 40 to 135 feet in platform height to accommodate your job site. Compared to an articulated lift, telescopic lifts can’t reach over objects. Rather, they lift straight into the air and have limited horizontal capability.

We offer the following models:

(Platform Capacity)
Machine WidthMachine Weight
JLG - 1200SJPDiesel120'500/1000 lb.98"40900 lb.
Genie - SX-125 XCDiesel125'660/1000 lb.155"45636 lb.
JLG - 1350SJPDiesel135'500/1000 lb.98"45000 lb.
Genie - SX-135 XCDiesel135'660/1000 lb.155"47500 lb.
Genie - S-40 XCDiesel39' 6"660/1000 lb.98"14124 lb.
JLG - 400SDiesel40'660/1000 lb.93"13640 lb.
Genie - S-40Diesel40'500 lb.98"12310 lb.
Genie - S-45Diesel40'500 lb.98"15270 lb.
Skyjack - SJ40 TDiesel40.7'650 lb.90"13960 lb.
Genie - S-45 XCDiesel44' 6"660/1000 lb.98"16300 lb.
Skyjack - SJ45 TDiesel45' 2"500 lb.90"14830 lb.
JLG - 460SJDiesel46'600 lb.93"16600 lb.
Genie - S-60XDiesel58' 4"750/1250 lb.98"20742 lb.
Genie - S-65Diesel58' 4"750/1250 lb.98"22270 lb.
JLG - 600SDiesel59' 8"600/1000 lb.98"21461 lb.
Genie - S-60 XCDiesel59' 8.5"600/1000 lb.98"20742 lb.
Skyjack - SJ61 TDiesel61' 3"500 lb.96"23400 lb.
Genie - S-65 XCDiesel65' 1"660/1000 lb.98"25160 lb.
Genie - S-65 XC TraxDiesel65' 1"660/1000 lb.102"29000 lb.
JLG - 660SJDiesel65' 8"550/750 lb.98"25341 lb.
Skyjack - SJ66 TDiesel66'500 lb.96"26700 lb.
JLG - 800SDiesel80'500/1000 lb.98"33030 lb.
Genie - S-80 XCDiesel80'660/1000 lb.98"37000 lb.
Skyjack - SJ82 TDiesel82'500/1000 lb.98"37600 lb.
Genie - S-85 XCDiesel85'660/1000 lb.98"39500 lb.
JLG - 860SJDiesel86'500/750 lb.98"36230 lb.
Skyjack - SJ86 TDiesel86'500/750 lb.98"38000 lb.
JLG - 800SDual Fuel80'500/1000 lb.98"33030 lb.
Genie - S-80 XCDual Fuel80'660/1000 lb.98"37000 lb.
JLG - M600JPElec/Diesel60' 4"500 lb.95"16050 lb.
JLG - E600JPDiesel60' 4"500 lb.95"16050 lb.

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Boom Lift Rentals Near Me at Thompson Machinery

Renting any of our boom lift solutions gives you value and flexibility. Contact us online to speak with a Thompson Machinery representative who can help you decide on the right equipment for your business. Or, if you already know which type best suits your needs, let us know how long you want to rent, and we will support you through each step of the process.

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