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JLG - 4069LEWhen you need guaranteed safety and efficiency with your aerial lift equipment, Thompson Machinery provides scissor lift rentals for numerous industries. Scissor lifts can move people and material vertically rather than horizontally. The purpose of a scissor lift is to provide more height as well as to replace unstable ladders or scaffolding that may not be able to reach specific areas.

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If your job site requires equipment that may not already be in your fleet, renting the correct type of aerial platform for your job will increase uptime and keep your workers safe. Scissor lifts from Thompson Machinery help your company complete projects at a faster pace and have a platform surrounded by a railing to prevent falls. Operators can even harness themselves to a cable.

Compared to other aerial lift machines, scissor lifts have a beam that looks like scissor blades or an accordion for optimal vertical reach. Workers can move forward and backward with the lift extended, and our rentals operate inside or outside in rough terrain depending on your location.


Temporary Scissor Lifts

Thompson Machinery has an entire fleet of scissor lift rentals — a versatile tool for lifting and moving materials and people on the work site at different heights. Often driveable even when fully extended, scissor lifts are easy to move between areas, which help operators accomplish more tasks in less time. Remaining productive is crucial between each project, so our lift rentals provide necessary space to hold workers and materials in a single use. You can also save money because less time is spent at each site.

With a fleet inventory of electric, rough terrain and one-man lift driveable machines, our electric scissor lift models range from 19 to 32 feet with platform capacities at 500 or 800 pounds. We have 26-foot lift rentals under our electric and rough terrain models with weights of 500 and 6,400 pounds respectfully. Rough terrain rentals start at 26 feet and hit heights of 40 feet with platform capacities ranging from 6,400 pounds to 15,200.

Are you looking to rent a scissor lift in Nashville, TN? Thompson Machinery has 11 rental locations throughout Mississippi and Tennessee. With fleets of reliable and convenient lifts, our renting options give you the flexibility and the freedom to select the right lift for your particular job. We understand different projects require different performance characteristics like control, height, reach, platform size and load rating for unique environments as well.

Scissor Lift Rental Near Me

Our professional technicians provide serviced and maintained rental scissor lift equipment that’s ready to perform right at pick up. Whether you want to test equipment before buying, need to stay on schedule when emergency breakdowns occur or need to get your operating crew in the air for a particular job, you can rely on our rentals for safe and efficient maneuvering.

Contact a Thompson Machinery representative to learn more about your renting options or to tell us what you’re looking for!

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Slab Scissor Lifts

(Platform Capacity)
Machine WidthMachine Weight
Hy-Brid - PS-1430Electric14'670 lb.30"1720 lb.
MEC - Micro 19Electric18'500 lb.32"2690 lb.
JLG - 1930ESElectric18' 9"500 lb.30"2710 lb.
JLG - 1932RElectric19'550 lb.32"2630 lb.
Genie - GS-1930Electric19'500 lb.30"2702 lb.
Skyjack - SJ3219Electric19'550 lb.32"2580 lb.
JLG - 2632ESElectric25' 6"500/800 lb.32"4635 lb.
JLG - 2646ESElectric26'1000 lb.46"4975 lb.
Genie - GS-2646Electric26'1000 lb.46"4312 lb.
Skyjack - SJ4626Electric26'1000 lb.46"4700 lb.
Genie - GS-2632Electric26'500 lb.32"4413 lb.
Skyjack - SJ3226Electric26'500 lb.32"4135 lb.
JLG - 3246ESElectric31' 9"700/1000 lb.46"4975 lb.
Genie - GS-3246Electric32'700 lb.46"5211 lb.
Skyjack - SJ4632Electric32'700 lb.46"5075 lb.
Genie - GS-3232Electric32'500 lb.32"5185 lb.
Genie - GS-4047Electric39'550 lb.47"7185 lb.
Skyjack - SJ4740Electric39.5'500 lb.47"7480 lb.
JLG - M4069LEElectric40'800 lb.69"10860 lb.
JLG - 4069LEElectric40'800 lb.69"10560 lb.

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Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts

(Platform Capacity)
Machine WidthMachine Weight
JLG - 260MRTDiesel26'1250 lb.69"7360 lb.
Skyjack - SJ6826 RTDiesel26'1250 lb.69.5"6400 lb.
Genie - GS-2669 RTDiesel26.2'1500 lb.69"7295 lb.
Skyjack - SJ6832 RTDiesel32'1000 lb.69.5"7660 lb.
Genie - GS-3369 RTDiesel32.8'1000 lb.69"7895 lb.
Genie - GS-4069 RTDiesel40' 3"800 lb.69"10245 lb.
JLG - 430LRTDiesel43'1500 lb.93"15210 lb.
Genie - GS-4390 RTDiesel43'1500 lb.92"12894 lb.
Skyjack - SJ9243 RTDiesel43'2000 lb.92"15000 lb.
JLG - 260MRTDual Fuel26'1250 lb.69"7360 lb.
Skyjack - SJ6826 RTDual Fuel26'1250 lb.69.5"6400 lb.
JLG - 430LRTDual Fuel43'1500 lb.93"15210 lb.
Genie - GS-4390 RTDual Fuel43'1500 lb.92"12894 lb.
Genie - GS-2669 DCElectric26.2'1500 lb.69"7931 lb.
Genie - GS-4069 DCElectric40' 3"800 lb.69"10856 lb.

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