Towable Man Lift

SJ-16Towable man lifts are also known as towable boom lifts, cherry pickers, and hydra-ladders, among other names. At Thompson Machinery, our boom lifts have either a flat platform or open bucket at the end of a hydraulic arm for easy maneuverability. The only aspect that makes a towable lift different from other boom lift equipment is that you can tow it behind a vehicle instead of loading it onto the bed or trailer of a truck.

With a towable lift, your workers can tackle the same jobs you would with a standard aerial boom lift machine, but it will offer easier and more convenient transportation methods. Towable equipment is ideal if you are always on the move from one site to the next.

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Towable Man Lift Rentals

The temporary towable man lifts at Thompson Machinery are a type of articulated boom lift that has a hydraulic arm. The arm provides flexibility and can angle itself in many directions to reach up and over objects. Reaching higher than scissor lifts, man lifts work well in confined areas because they are easily adjustable and are ideal for extending over obstacles.

If you are looking to rent a towable man lift in Nashville, TN, Thompson Machinery offers Genie and Skyjack lifts for optimum performance. Towable man lifts that do well indoors, as you can position them in many ways, and have multiple boom sections that articulate where you need. Boom lifts assist your operators in gaining access to hard-to-reach places, whether you work in the warehouse industry, electric industry and more.

Renting equipment from Thompson Machinery can reap many benefits, whether you want to test out a machine before buying or you have a specific project that requires a towable man lift you don’t have in your fleet. You may even rely on us when unsuspected breakdowns occur to remain productive and limit your downtime.

Towable Man Lift Rentals at Thompson Machinery

Our renting solutions give you the freedom to choose which towable model is best for your situation, and you have the flexibility to rent by the day, week or month. We provide the safe and efficient aerial platform machines you require for each job and in varying environments. With 11 rental locations within two states, you can trust our serviced and maintained equipment will help get your team in the air with efficient and safe maneuvering. Think about which characteristics your site needs like height, control, reach, load rating and platform size.

Reach out to us online to learn which towable man lift is perfect for your work site. And if you already have a model in mind, let us know which one and for how long you will need it. Our machines are ready upon arrival, so you can begin working as soon as possible.

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(Platform Capacity)
Genie - AWP-30S29 Ft 6 in | 9.02 m350 lbs | 158.76 kg
Genie - GR-20
19 ft | 5.79 m500 lbs | 226.79 kg
Genie - GR-26J
31 ft 11 in | 9.90 m500 lb | 227 kg
Skyjack - SJ12
12 ft | 3.66 m500 lb | 227 kg
Skyjack - SJ16
27 ft | 8.23 m500 lb | 227 kg