Forklift Rental

cat-liftThere’s no better way to move equipment and materials around a factory or work site than with a forklift. Designed for heavy loads, high reach, and extreme maneuverability, a forklift can make quick work of moving, loading, storing and unloading all sorts of loads.

At Thompson Machinery, we trust the legendary performance and reliability of Cat® forklifts. We know they’ll satisfy your needs and be ready to work as soon as you need them. There are many different reasons why our customers across Tennessee and Mississippi turn to us for Cat forklift rentals:

  • If your current forklift breaks down and you need one in an emergency, renting is the most convenient option. When halting your work isn’t an option, take advantage of our large and varied rental fleet to get the right forklift for your temporary needs. We do short-term and long-term rental to cover all situations.
  • With a range of sizes, you can find the exact forklift to suit your application. Some small work zones and warehouses require a compact-sized forklift for safe maneuvering and material handling, while more demanding loads require a heavy-duty model designed for maximum lifting power or extra height.
  • Owning your own fleet of forklifts means you need to spend time and money maintaining them. If your service crew is already busy with the rest of your equipment, don’t load them up with even more equipment to maintain. We take care of the maintenance of all of our rental forklifts for you.
  • Investing your money in a forklift may not make sense, depending on how often you need one and how much use it will see. Leaving an expensive piece of equipment parked is a big waste of money, whereas renting allows you to spend only when you need a forklift, and to save money when you no longer need it.
  • In some cases, you may be looking to expand your business or take on work that requires equipment you don’t have, like a forklift. Before buying, consider renting one temporarily. You can see how the project goes and determine if you need to add one to your fleet, or if you can simply rent one from time to time.

Combining the flexibility and value of renting with the power and dependability of a Cat forklift is the perfect combination for success.

The Thompson Difference

cat lift truckAt Thompson Machinery, we’ve invested in a fleet of Cat forklifts, so you don’t have to. Simply let us know when you need your forklift and for how long. You can also tell us about the loads you expect to move and the height you require. Simply fill in our handy online contact form or give us a call and we’ll set you up with the most suitable forklift.

For short-term rentals or longer-term needs, there’s a forklift rental solution for you. Don’t rush out and buy a forklift for a temporary need when you can stretch your dollar further and take advantage of our lineup of powerful and efficient Cat forklifts whenever you need them. We have 11 convenient locations (Nashville, Memphis, Manchester, Jackson, Cookeville, Clarksville, Camden– Tennesse; Tupelo,  Greenwood, Columbus – Mississippi) to make it easy, so we look forward to hearing from you!

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(Platform Capacity)
GenieTZ-34/2040 ft500 lbs
GenieTZ-5055 ft 6in500 lbs



ModelRated Load
Max Lift
Max Forward
TH255C5500 Lbs18.3 ft10 ft 8 in
TL6426500 Lbs42 ft30 ft
TL9439000 Lbs43 ft31 ft 6 in
TL105510000 Lbs55.1 ft42 ft 6 in
TL125512000 Lbs54.3 ft42 ft 6 in


Telehandler Attachments

Bucket – 1.31 yd
Lift Hook
Material Handling Arm
Truss Boom