Pressure Washer Rental

Pressure WasherPowerful industrial pressure washers can make short work of a variety of heavy-duty cleaning needs. Our customers in Memphis and Nashville choose to rent pressure washers from us for:

  • Washing construction and heavy equipment after use
  • Cleaning floors, parking lots and walkways
  • Washing buildings and outdoor structures
  • Performing cleanup of construction and work sites
  • And more!

You may not need a pressure washer every day, so it may not make sense to invest in your own machine. That’s where a Thompson Machinery rental comes in handy. You can rent the pressure washer you need, when you need it, for short-, medium- or long-term rental periods. We take care of all of the service and maintenance as well, so you don’t have to waste time. You rent the pressure washer, put it to work and return it to us when you’re done. If you find you need a different size or level of performance, we can work with you to find an upgrade and help you meet your deadlines.

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Top-Quality Mi-T-M Pressure Washers

In our search for the best pressure washers on the market, we tried out a number of brands. In the end, we chose Mi-T-M, makers of some of the most powerful and reliable pressure washers on the market. Their equipment includes a host of great features, including:

  • Carry and wheeled models
  • Electric and gas motor options
  • Compact to heavy-duty sizes
  • Variable pressure nozzles
  • Reinforced braided hoses
  • Comfortable, ergonomic wands

No matter what your cleaning or spraying job is, we are sure to have an Mi-T-M pressure washer that suits. If you know which model you need, simply fill in our online contact form and request a quotation for the length of rental you need. If you’re not sure which model to choose, contact our team and tell us about your pressure washing job. We will use our experience and product knowledge to help you choose the perfect pressure washer for rental near you.

We have convenient rental locations in Memphis and Nashville and can quickly get you your rental pressure washer. It doesn’t matter if you need a washer for a new job, to replace a broken washer or to try out a model before making a purchase — Thompson Machinery has the equipment selection and competitive prices you’re looking for.

Save Your Money and Rent

Tight budgets and limited investment capital means it makes sense to rent equipment you don’t use every day. For your occasional pressure washing needs, turn to our fleet of Mi-T-M rental pressure washers here at Thompson Machinery. We make it easy to find the equipment you need in the Memphis and Nashville areas and offer great rates on top-quality pressure washer rentals.

Contact us today using our online contact form or by giving us a call. One of our rental experts will get back to you quickly and provide you with the rental equipment you’re looking for. Make short work of your dirty equipment, floors, lots, buildings or structures with some of the most powerful pressure washers on the market.

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